Which Trade Show Materials Should You Use in Your Exhibit Display?

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When it comes to trade show materials, it is sometimes hard to know exactly what you need. Missing one important item could mean less than the best results and return on investment.

When it comes to trade show materials, your possibilities are almost endless as you are trying to create your ideal exhibit display. The only limitation that you have is your imagination and creativity.

You can use a wide range of items and promotional materials in order to make your booth unique and original, so that you get great results from each event.

There are Many Types of Trade Show Materials Available

When it comes to trade show materials you can order and use a wide variety of formats, inks, sizes, paper stocks and other features. You can choose:

  • Brochures
  • Booklets
  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Forms
  • Questionnaires
  • And a range of other options

You may choose a thinner or thicker paper stock, metallic or environmentally friendly inks, various lettering styles and sizes, and so much more.

Trade Show Materials

What is the Purpose of your Exhibit Display?

Consider the purpose of the exhibit display that you want to create, and then decide which materials fit this purpose and which do not. If you are trying to boost exposure and provide company information you will use different items than if you want to convert consumers into customers and sell a large number of products at the event.

Do You Have Materials Available From Previous Events?

If you have leftover trade show materials from previous events these may be used if they still fit well with your goals and your overall design. Look at the materials that you have on hand. Then decide whether they are still relevant or if you would be better off ordering new items instead.

Is There Still Time to Order Printing?

When you consider the trade show materials to use, one important consideration is whether there is still sufficient time to order printing or if you are basically stuck with what you have on hand. If it is just days before the event then you probably do not have time to order new items to display, even if you can get a rush order in.

It is important to remember that many vendors and exhibitors order all of their printing months in advance, and the last month before a show can be a bad time to need something. Printing companies are usually booked up with last minute requests and they cannot accommodate all of these orders in many cases.

Will You Use Signs? What Types?

One important aspect of your trade show materials is signs; otherwise people will not know where to go to find your exhibit display or even realize what you are offering them. Arrows can be a terrific type of signage that is short and simple, and anyone can follow these signs regardless of what their native language may be.

When you design and order trade show signage consider whether these items tell visitors and targeted recipients who you are.

From our article, 5 Questions your Trade Show Signage Should Answer. Click here to read the complete article.

Do You Have Enough of Each Item on Hand?

It is important that you have plenty of each type of your trade show materials on hand during the event so that you do not come up short and lose a sale as a result. The very last thing you want is to close a deal with a big potential client and find out that you don’t have an order form available or that you have run out of business cards to hand out.

Have You Decided on the Ideal Product Placement and Supply Amounts?

Part of your trade show materials list for the perfect exhibit display should cover the products that you want to display, and the specific amounts of each product that you take to the event. Product placement is also a big consideration so your products are seen in the most favorable light.

Again, all things in moderation. Be careful not to go overboard, or you might wind up with something like this.

Source: CVent.com

Think about the expected number of people who will attend the event before you come up with a number for the products that you bring. If you carry many different products then you may decide to place just the top sellers in your display rather than trying to cram all of your offerings in.

What trade show materials do you include in every exhibit that you have? Why are these items so important?

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