Exhibits for Trade Shows – 13 Tips to help you Succeed

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Exhibits for trade shows can be elaborate two story extravaganzas or simple 10×10 exhibits with a simple backdrop and display table. The possibilities for exhibit booths are practically endless. But no matter what size or shape your exhibit may be, you can be a success if you do it correctly.

Tips to help you Succeed with Exhibits for Trade Shows

1. Exhibits for Trade Shows should be Neat and Clutter Free

Your exhibits for trade shows should be immaculate and well organized at all times. If your area looks messy or you have a hard time finding needed items this reflects on your business. Visitors may be hesitant to use your company because you seem unorganized. Use shelving, pegboards, clipboards, and other organizational tools to keep your area in tiptop shape.

2. Look Busy and Popular

Give your exhibit booths the appearance of popularity even if this is not the case. If you look like you are the only booth who has not had a single visitor this can influence potential traffic and send them in the opposite direction. Place sold signs on a few products, or keep supplies on the shelf low so it appears that you need to restock and have not had time.

3. Be Clear about your Pricing

When you use exhibits for trade shows in order to sell your products you need to make sure that every item is clearly marked with the correct price. If visitors have to ask about the prices this could bring traffic to a halt and discourage people from coming by your area. Individual price signs on the products or a price list that is clearly visible will work fine.

4. Keep Promotional Items and Collateral in Stock

Keep plenty of promotional items at your exhibit booths; you do not want to run out of these. Try to find items that you can put your brand on, and that are useful to those who receive them. This will ensure that your promotions are well received, and the individual will remember your company fondly every time they use your gift.

5. Make Information Visible and Easy to Access

Use the exhibits for trade shows in your area to provide information that visitors may be need. This makes it easier for your visitors to find out what they need to know quickly, and without having to wait for your staff to become free. Signs can list the various products and prices, provide company contact details, and give other needed information.

6. Be Prepared down to the Smallest Detail

Make sure that you have everything available in your exhibit booths in order to start doing business immediately. Keep some extra order slips, credit card blanks, pens, pencils, clipboards, and even paper clips on hand. The last thing you want is to run out of these supplies when someone is ready to place an order with your company.

7. Make your Exhibit Booth Interactive

Take advantage of interactive exhibits for trade shows in order to engage people who stop by your area. This will make visitors want to stay for a minute and check out your products or services. Product demonstrations, games, and hands on video tutorials are great for garnering attention and keeping your visitors for longer times.

8. Prizes, Prizes, and Prizes!

One of the best exhibits for trade shows that you can include in your booth is a prize wheel. This seems to draw in big crowds at most events, because people want to stop by to register. This is especially true if you are offering a big grand prize. This will also help you generate leads, because people have to leave their contact info in case they win a chance at the wheel.

9. Provide a Place for Visitors to Relax

Have exhibits for trade shows that allow visitors to take a break for a few minutes. Set up a video game with a relevant theme, or arrange to have a few massage chairs on hand. Visitors will flock to your area. When they are in a more relaxed frame of mind, chances are they will be more apt to listen about your products or services. This is not the time for a hard sell.

10. Make it Easy for Traffic to Find You

Make sure to include in your exhibits for trade shows things that help people find you. Arrows, booth location details, and other signage can be very beneficial. These displays make it easier for visitors to find you right away.

11. Always, always, always have Staff Available

Never leave your exhibit booths unattended, even for a few minutes. If you do not have any staff on hand, you could miss out on sales, and theft is becoming more of a problem even at the biggest shows.

12. Make sure your Staff is Well-trained and Outgoing

The exhibits for trade shows used are not the only selling tools, your staff can be a powerful force when properly trained and motivated. Have your people greet visitors with a big smile and friendly greeting, getting out into the aisles if traffic is slow.

13. Be Prepared with Extra Literature

Always make sure that you have enough printed material and company literature on hand at your exhibit booths. Many vendors keep extras close by just in case these are needed. Be prepared and you will have a greater chance of success at the event.

What tips on exhibits for trade shows are you willing to share and how have these helped you?

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