Which Display Stands Work Best with your Trade Show Exhibit Design?

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The display stands that you use in your trade show exhibit design can be a big attraction or a huge turn off for visitors who come to these events, so it is important that you choose wisely and think these decisions through very carefully. Banner stands can be a good choice in many cases and these offer a number of benefits.

Trade Show Exhibit DesignPrinted fabric is another way that you can display your logo or message at an affordable price, and these can be used in many creative and innovative ways in order to set your booth apart from everyone else. Outdoor stand options include tents that are covered with graphics, as well as  other types that can help you attract larger numbers to your area.

Counter stands can be placed almost anywhere, and the flexibility of these picks makes them one of the most popular choices for many vendors. Lighted cylindrical choices add a unique look and modern feel to any booth, and these products can be a great way to get your company and product noticed no matter how much competition there may be at the event.

Can Banner Stands Benefit your Trade Show Exhibit Design?

Banners are one of the most flexible components with any trade show exhibit design, and these can add a lot of pizzazz and appeal to any booth or exhibit display. They can be used all alone, or they can be combined with other items and components for a more comprehensive design instead. Banners are fairly cost effective and they can get your brand image and message out there.

What are Printed Fabric Display Stands?

Printed fabric display stands are similar to banners, but they can be used in many more ways. You can add tables draped with this material to your trade show exhibit design in order to add consistency and gain brand recognition. A wide range of colors, both for the fabric and for the printing, can be used in order to increase the visual impact that you get.

Outdoor Options may be Ideal for some Events

If you need a trade show exhibit design that can be used in any environment then outdoor options may be a good choice. This can include tents, kiosks, and compartmentalized items that are covered with your company message, logo, or other images and text. These materials can stand up to outdoor weather and still look terrific.

Counter Stands have Pros and Cons

Counter stands are a common request for any trade show exhibit design company, and these are incredibly versatile while also being very appealing and attractive. These stand choices give you room for material storage and display, and they can be located almost anywhere. Counter picks are easy to transport and set up most of the time so convenience is an added bonus.

Lighted Cylindrical Products can Add a Dramatic Impact

If you add one or more lighted cylindrical products to your finished trade show exhibit design then you will get display stands that really stand out above the rest, no matter how big the crowd may be. These items add appeal to any booth and they have a modern look that makes your company appear current and edgy.

What trade show exhibit design choices did you make for your company displays in the past, and has it been successful?

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