Trade Show Exhibit Design

Which Display Stands should you Use in your Trade Show Exhibit Design?

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The trade show exhibit design that you decide on will probably include some display stands. You should think before you make any final choice about some important considerations. The durability of the products chosen will determine how cost effective they are and whether they will look great for a single show or many months of frequent use. Another element that can make any booth stand out is backlighting. This can add another dimension to any exhibit.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Trade Show Exhibit Design by the Design Factory

You will also need to think about counters with your trade show exhibit design to make sure that you have space for the products and materials that you will show to visitors. Headers can add focal points and exciting graphics that stand out in any venue.

You also need to decide on the perfect size for your company, products, and budget. A large impressive display may be effective but also expensive, and your budget may require some downsizing in this area.

Are the Display Stands Durable Enough?

Durability is an important factor with trade show exhibit design. When you are choosing the perfect display stands to show your brand and products you need to determine how many shows you can get from the chosen item before it will need to be replaced.

A single show stand may be much less expensive up front but the total cost per year could be more because you have to buy replacements every time you attend a show. Upgrading may cost a little more at first but be less expensive over time.

Should your Trade Show Exhibit Design Include Back Lighting?

Back lighting can be a fantastic addition to any trade show exhibit design. This form of lighting allows you to add contrast and include an eye-catching display that will draw in more visitors. The light behind the graphics will make them pop out of the background and add appeal to the display.

Research shows that most visitors are looking for a product or service that meets their needs and backlighting can help draw them to your products and company.

Don’t Forget about Counters and Headers

In addition, other elements and components should be evaluated when you are trying to find the best trade show exhibit design. Counters can help you increase the area that you have for displaying your company materials and products in the best possible way.

Without enough counter stands you could end up being cluttered and have difficulty getting to things you need. Headers can help to attract visitors to your booth from across a crowded room.

The Right Stand Size is a Big Decision

Before you choose any final trade show exhibit design you need to determine what the perfect size is. If you have small display stands and little storage space then you may not be able to fit everything in an organized and easy to reach manner. If your exhibit is too large then it could seem empty.

Consider what materials and products are essential and then ensure sufficient space for these necessary items. This will help you find the right size for your budget and your company.

The design of your stands, counters, and overall exhibits should market your company to the fullest potential. What trade show exhibit design did you choose and why?


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