Tradeshow Display Ideas

5 Innovative Trade Show Display Ideas

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Innovative trade show display ideas can give your company and your brand a modern and edgy appeal that can put you above your competitors. Try to include the latest technology in your exhibits. Only use technology that is relevant and will add appeal to your displays.

Including hands on demonstrations in your exhibit design can really boost the popularity of your convention booth. It gives you a chance to show exactly what your products or services can provide to visitors. Adding some fragrant foods that can be offered to anyone who stops by is a great way to appeal to a wide range of people and boost your traffic.

Digital photography can help you take or find the right graphics for your displays, and there is no need for expensive film. Drawings are incredibly popular and many people will be willing to give you their name, address, and phone number to be entered into the activity. The prize for the drawing does not have to be costly.

1. Use the Latest in Technology for Your Trade Show Display Ideas

Trade Show Display IdeasUsing technology is one of the best trade show display ideas, especially if there is innovative technology in your industry or company. Look to see what the latest in marketing technology is and then determine if this would fit well with your brand image and products. Holograms, 3D technology, and many other possibilities are out there if you just look for them.

2. Include Hands on Demonstrations at Your Convention Booth

When you have hands on demonstrations at your convention booth many visitors will come over to see what is going on. You can show how your product or service works, provide entertainment such as a comic or clown, or use another type of presentation as well. These trade show display ideas can really increase interest in your business.

3. Provide Food Items with Appealing Aromas

Food is becoming more common in trade show display ideas, and the wide variety that can be used means you can be unique at the same time. Popcorn machines, espresso makers, candies, and other food and food equipment can help you draw in many visitors. The appealing smells coming from your area will act as a target for those in attendance.

4. Hold a Drawing for a Free Product or Service

Drawings have always been big trade show display ideas, and these are still one of the top attractions for visitors to almost any type of conference. The flexibility of the prize selection means that any type of business can be successful in attracting people with a drawing. Give people the opportunity for a chance to win and watch them line up.

5. Use Digital Photography for Dramatic Visual Impact

Using digital photography in your trade show display ideas can help you add dramatic visual impact that will bring in crowds to your convention booth. Since digital photography has evolved, it is simple to take photos and edit them without much professional help. This increases the options and allows you to get graphics that work well with your image.

What other trade show display ideas can you share, and how did you find out about them?

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