Trade Show Exhibit Design

Trade Show Exhibit Design for Highly Effective Display Stands

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The right trade show exhibit design and choice of display stands can be a very effective marketing tool that will help you attract potential clients faster and easier. Many different factors can increase the effectiveness of any display and make your business really shine. Your choices and options are almost unlimited and there are many ways that you can add pizazz to any exhibit. You want to draw in the crowd and studies show that you may only have seconds to accomplish this.

Trade Show Exhibit Design

Trade Show Exhibit Design by the Design Factory

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research more than four out of five convention and trade show visitors are looking for new products and services. Before you can grab this share of the market you have to attract visitors to your booth, and your displays can help you do this faster and more effectively. Back lighting, graphic headers, panel graphics, counters, stand size, and durability are all important considerations.

Display Stands with Back Lighting Really Stand Out

When you are creating the optimal trade show exhibit design one way to grab visitors and keep them interested is by using back lighting. This technique will highlight the products or services that you are offering. Backlit displays can be stunning, and the visual effects of this method can be extremely appealing for visitors and potential customers.

You want to create a favorable first impression and you only have seconds to do this. When visitors see a brightly lit stand that showcases what you are offering they are more likely to stop and get more information from you.

Graphic Headers can make any Trade Show Exhibit Design Shine

Graphic headers that are bold and bright will draw the eye, and this is the first step to drawing in potential customers who may want or need the products and services that you provide. A header that is bright and contains incredible graphics is much more likely to be noticed.

If you do not consider one or more graphic headers for your trade show exhibit design then you may be missing potential sales and profits. With only seconds to make a favorable first impression you want your exhibit to stand out and get noticed quickly.

Your Choice of Panel Graphics is Critical

Why are the panel graphics that are chosen for your trade show exhibit design so important? Trade show visitors and convention attendees will be drawn by stunning graphics and colorful visuals. If your display stands do not include these elements then many will simply pass by your booth and move on to others that do include these components. Repetitive images are also a great way to help visitors remember your display and your brand.

Adding Counters can be Very Beneficial and Stand Size Really Does Matter

Does your trade show exhibit design include counters for material placement and information? This is important because it allows visitors to obtain further information on their own and may be preferred by many attendees. This does not mean that your counters should be bland or boring though.

The size of your display stands is another factor that is essential for your success. If these are too large then they may be difficult to work around and the overall impression may be one of cramped space. The right size will be open and spacious without seeming to overwhelm the location space that you have been given.

How Often Will the Displays be Used?.

One of the top considerations with any trade show exhibit design and choice of display stands is the durability of the items. Will you use these several times a year or are they a single show expense? If you plan to get products that will keep their appeal through many shows then you may need to pay more for better quality materials and longer durability. If you do not do this then your displays could start to look ragged and worn after limited use.

What trade show exhibit design secrets and tips are you willing to share?


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