A Comprehensive Guide to Exceptional Show Daily Printing

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When you decide to engage in show daily printing you want materials that dazzle and wow as part of your convention marketing strategy. In order to get this type of result there are some things that you need to know and some decisions that you need to make well before the event starts so that you get the materials and results that you want.

Show Daily Printing

If you spend a lot of time and money, you want to get a terrific response, not show dailies that fall flat or are quickly tossed away. You will need to start planning early, put a plan in place that is well thought out and fully developed, and decide whether to print out one item for the entire convention or a daily for each day of the event.

Show Daily Printing Should be Planned Early On

Early planning is one of the most important considerations when it comes to show daily printing. You should start planning for the event as early as possible, and this includes the printing that will be needed. Some printers may be very busy in the time period leading up to the event and you could end up paying more or missing vital materials that you need to be successful.

Design a Solid Convention Marketing Plan from the Start

A convention marketing plan should be developed as soon as you realize you will be attending the event. This plan needs to cover every aspect of marketing and advertising, from the freebies that you give away at the convention to the show daily that you have delivered to those in attendance. If you do not have a solid plan in place then you will not be as successful as you could be.

How Many Publications Should You Print?

Before you order show daily printing, you will need to know how many of these publications you will be sending out. You could send out a single piece for the entire event, or you may choose to send out a daily each day that the convention continues. If you have several sponsors each one could be featured in a show daily or you could send out current news and updates each morning.

The TTG Show Daily — IT&CM China 2014 issued three show dailies that were available on flipbook and video.

Should You Choose an Advertising Package?

When you decide to order show daily printing as part of your convention marketing, you may be able to pick an advertising package to keep costs down and get more bang for your buck. You will find that some charge a flat rate per page, others charge by the amount of ad space needed. An advertising package may give you more exposure and coverage for less money.

Make Sure to Meet All Printing Deadlines for Publication

The worst mistake you can make when it comes to show daily printing is to wait until the last minute because you could end up missing the deadlines in place for the event. Make a notation about when the deadlines are for your publications and make sure that the printer has everything needed well before this date so that your daily is available on time.

What Should You Include in the Publication?

Deciding what information to include with your show daily printing is an important decision. In addition to news updates and current events, you should include practical and useful information that readers want to know. This can include:

  • Contact phone numbers
  • Local maps
  • Emergency information
  • Highlights of the city
  • Booth and company locations on the event floor
Make sure that you provide maps, emergency numbers, booth locations, and city highlights. Both your vendors and attendees will appreciate knowing background information on the sponsors and speakers.

Choose a Printer with Experience in this Area

You should always choose a printer who has extensive experience with convention marketing. Some of the best printers in the industry may not have experience in this area, and while these companies may provide great quality, they are not always the best choice for this type of work. Ask questions about the convention experience and knowledge the printer has.

Choose the Right Colors and Graphics for Your Materials

When you order show daily printing it is very important that you look at the final design closely, making sure that all of the colors and graphics work well together and provide the desired effect.

What else is important when it comes to show daily printing and why?

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