Trade Show Graphics | It’s not as hard as you think with these 5 Tips

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Choosing the right trade show graphics is something that should be taken seriously. Your choices will affect your company and the number of visitors and sales that you get from an event. One tip that can be helpful is to include your business logo as often as possible without being excessive. This will help encourage brand recognition among consumers and visitors.

Trade Show Graphics

Trade Show Graphics by the Design Factory

Colors can add a lot to any materials and graphics, but only if the right shades and complimentary tones are used. If you want to take advantage of large format printing then you may need to change the scale and size of your graphics in order to compensate for the bigger than usual size of the items.

When you evaluate potential graphics, it is important to look at the professionalism level and the image that is conveyed. Both of these will be reflected in the reputation that your company establishes and how visitors and possible customers perceive you. Use graphics sparingly in most cases to avoid overwhelming the viewer.

1. Include your Business Logo in your Trade Show Graphics

When you include your business logo in your trade show graphics this reinforces your brand and makes your company more memorable. Single logo placement is not repetitive enough to be effective. But simply repeating the logo over every surface area is also not ideal. Instead, select several areas where the logo is highly visible and fits in with the surrounding components.

2. Complimentary Colors will Blend well and add Visual Appeal

The colors that are used with your trade show graphics can reel visitors in or send them to another booth instead. The colors that are chosen should be evaluated as a whole, to make sure that they are complimentary instead of being too much of a contrast. Most printers can help with this if you have questions or concerns.

3. Large Format Printing Means Larger than Usual Graphics

If you want to use large format printing then you may need to alter your trade show graphics in order to have them fit this format perfectly. The pictures and text may need to be enlarged, yet the final results still need to be crisp and clear so that it is attractive enough to grab visitors and bring them closer.

If the graphics are not adjusted properly then this could change the outcome and results. Using trade show graphics with a high resolution will give you clear and easy to see results.

For more information about trade show graphics and large format printing visit the Las Vegas Color Graphics website.

4. Do the Graphics Convey the Right Image and Level of Professionalism?

When you are examining potential trade show graphics make sure that you rate each according to the level of professionalism. Your graphics and images reflect on your company and products or services. You may find that some graphics may be top quality but they are just not the right fit with your business image or reputation.

5. Excessive Graphics should be avoided at all Costs

Including trade show graphics is necessary in order to make your booth very inviting and appealing to those who attend these events. But it is important to avoid having an excess of graphics at the expense of your company message or product sale opportunities. Try using large format printing and including a variety of materials for visitors to take as well as carefully placed graphics.

What trade show graphics tips do you know about that you are willing to give others? How have these tips boosted your trade show results?

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