How to Choose the Best Trade Show Display Graphics

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Choosing the best trade show display graphics is not always easy, and sometimes the many possibilities just add to the confusion. You should consider some things before you make any final decisions, including the graphic design that will be used and whether this would be the best option for your brand and products.

When you are evaluating images, colors, and text styles and sizes, you need to keep the overall result in mind. If you use too many colors or you try to cram a large number of graphics in a small space then this could hurt your chances of attracting visitors to your area instead of helping you draw in crowds and sell more products or services.

Best Trade Show Display Graphics

The Best Trade Show Display Graphics Should be Vibrant

The best trade show display graphics that you use need to be vibrant and high quality. Otherwise, your display will reflect poorly on your company and products. Bold colors and images that are incredibly clear and attractive are key if you want to impress visitors at the event. Without these features, your exhibit will not be as appealing.

Make sure that the printer that you use can get the colors and image quality right before you order your marketing items. You do not want to find out that the discount printer provided discount quality at the last minute; or else you may be stuck between choosing between poor displays or no displays at all.

Avoid any Graphic Design that seems Crowded or Busy

When you are deciding on the graphic design for your trade show display you need to make sure that you include enough images and text. However, you do not want your exhibits to seem crowded or busy because this could cause your message to be lost in the background.

… the human eye would prefer to look at things which are not crowded and heavy to the eyes.

Source: Naldz Graphics

Carefully pick the placement of each image or block of text, and then consider everything together. This will help you decide whether everything works well or if the combination is less than ideal. Look at the complete display from different distances so that you will see the items the same way visitors will.

Stick with a Few Colors that Complement Each Other

For the best trade show display graphics, you will want them to be colorful but don’t go crazy or try to cram 20 different colors in one banner or display board. Pick a few colors that complement each other and then stick with them. If your display materials contain too many colors visitors may view them as loud and aggressive instead of inviting.

Colors for Trade Show Exhibits

Make Your Company Logo Prominent Wherever Possible

The best trade show display graphics include using your company logo wherever possible, as long as this is not the only thing that you are displaying. Your logo represents your brand, your company, and your products. You want consumers to know who you are and what you can do for them, and brand recognition is crucial to success.

…make sure your customers and target market think of you and your brand first…

Source: Sharon Michaels at

Consider what Visitors See from Across the Show Floor

One of the biggest mistakes made with best trade show display graphics is spending a lot of time and effort on displays that look fantastic up close, but when these are seen from far across the floor then the graphic design and choices of color and images may not be as perfect. Aim for displays that are appealing from any distance.

How do you choose the best trade show display graphics for your marketing items?

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