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The Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas is considered one of the most popular convention and trade show events of the year for the home entertainment industry. Anyone in this industry understands what this event is and what it has to offer. But, there are also some common questions that you may have that you need answered as well.

Home Entertainment ShowMany exhibitors want to know when and where the next event will take place so that they can take part or attend. Other common inquiries involve the types of trade show exhibits and vendors who will attend this show. The answer to this helps attendees determine whether this event is worthwhile or if it is a waste of time and financial resources.

Vendors and individuals interested in exhibiting at the event need to know how much it will cost them to participate and showcase their products or services in order to set or stay within a budget. Since this show is one of the top events for the home entertainment industry vendors and those who want to attend should make sure to reserve their place early.

What is the Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas?

The Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas is one of several events of this type each year. For this specific event, the show is held in Las Vegas. It is one of the top conventions for those in the home entertainment industry. It allows individuals and companies in this sector to see the latest offerings and newest products and services available.

When and Where will the Show be held in 2014?

For 2014, the Home Entertainment Show will be held January 7, 2014 through January 10, 2014, with different events and activities being held each of these days. The location of the show is very convenient because it is being held at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. It is very conveniently located right on the Las Vegas Strip.

What Types of Trade Show Exhibits and Vendors Will Attend?

Those who attend or exhibit at this Home Entertainment Show will include many different companies and individuals who are in home entertainment or related industries. Trade show exhibits may include audio and video specialists and experts, with the latest products and highest quality services available for individuals to check out.

What is the Exhibitor Cost for this Show?

The actual cost for the Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas can vary considerably, depending on many different aspects and factors. The size of the space desired for displaying trade show exhibits will be one factor involved in the final cost. Large displays that require more space will have a higher price involved.

A Premier Event for the Home Entertainment Industry

The Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas is attended by everyone who is anyone in home entertainment, and by those who are just starting out in this industry as well. This convention includes many trade show exhibits and vendors with innovative products and services. It is the place to find out what is new in this sector as well as what is highly popular.


What other common Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas questions or concerns can you think of? Have you ever attended one of these shows? If so, when and where?

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