7 Trade Show Sales Tips Everyone Should Know

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There are many trade show sales tips that everyone should know. These cover everything from large format printing to the etiquette that you follow on the floor of the event. When you use these hints, you can help increase your visitors and sales. Always avoid eating or sitting at your booth, because visitors may be hesitant to approach and your traffic could be affected.

If you want to get traffic to your booth then you need to capture the interest of the visitor quickly. You may have just a few seconds to stand out among the crowd and get noticed. If you want to see better sales then professional behavior is necessary. This means no unprofessional conversations or comments during the event.

Contact information is gold if you are marketing or trying to generate leads. This information can be leveraged into sales in the future in many cases. You should always acknowledge all of your visitors with eye contact and a verbal greeting. If you fail to do this then you could diminish your image and business reputation as well as experiencing fewer sales during the event.

1. Large Format Printing will be more Visible

Trade Show Sales TipsIf you use large format printing then your signs and displays will be much more visible, and they can be seen from further away on the event floor. This is one of the trade show sales tips that can boost your numbers by bringing larger crowds to your booth. With all of the signs and displays around larger formats can help make your booth more noticeable.

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2. Avoid Sitting or Eating at Your Booth

After a full day on the trade show floor you are ready for a meal and a chair. But you should never sit or eat at your booth. Make sure that you have at least one helper who can cover you for breaks, or leave a sign stating when you will be back if this is not possible.

3. Capture Visitor Interest Quickly

One of the biggest trade show sales tips is to catch the interest of the visitor quickly. In most cases you may have ten seconds or less in order to make a favorable impression.

4. Avoid Any Unprofessional Conversations

Trade show sales tips often include the advice to keep it professional when it comes to comments and conversations. Although this should seem obvious, it is sometimes tempting to slip into the casualness of visitors. Keep it professional, yet friendly.

5. Collect Contact Information from Visitors for Future Use

Always try to get contact information from every visitor for future use, this is one of the most common trade show sales tips you will find. All your marketing is for naught unless you come back with a good list of new contact. Even if the individual is not buying right now you can always follow up later on when they may need your products or services.

6. Acknowledge Booth Visitors with Eye Contact and Verbal Greetings

Whether you use large format printing or have an incredible booth display it will not matter if you do not make eye contact and give a verbal greeting to every visitor who passes by. Once you have their attention spend much of your time listening. This will help you provide solutions. Ignoring visitors or staring at the floor is a good way to turn away potential customers and sales.

7. Trade Show Sales Tips Include Good Public Etiquette

Some of the most helpful trade show sales tips involve proper etiquette and good manners in public. Do not scratch or dig at yourself, no matter how maddening the itch may seem. When you are on the trade show floor you are in public and everyone is watching. Good hygiene is a must, and avoid wearing overpowering perfumes or colognes that could be unpleasant for some visitors.

Are there other trade show sales tips that you are willing to share? Have you ever used any of the tips listed above?

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