6 Things to Think About with Your Trade Show Graphics

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Your trade show graphics can say a lot about your company. They will either attract visitors to your display or cause them to pass by without stopping. There are many things to think about with this component. One of these is the visual impact that is provided by your current choices, and another is whether digital printing is right for you and your budget.

Trade Show GraphicsSometimes the importance of headlines and subheadings are not realized. These components can help you grab readers and engage them right away while also making your materials easier to read and understand. The prominence of your company name and logo on the graphics is a big consideration, because consistent and effective branding is a must.

Another thing to consider is whether your graphics include your website in a way that is highly visible, if not then you could be missing out on interested traffic and potential sales. Crisp and clear images and text give your business and booth a professional look and feel, while fuzzy or hard to see components can put your competence and experience in doubt.

1. Do Your Trade Show Graphics Give the Best Visual Impact?

Examine all of your trade show graphics to determine whether they combine to perform the best visual impact on the visitor. Avoid too many images or excessive text; make sure that the graphics included make a point without becoming confusing or cluttered. Consider the overall visual impact before deciding on the final graphics to use.

2. Should You Use Digital Printing?

Digital printing offers a number of benefits in most cases, and this can be a cost saving way to get great trade show graphics while protecting the environment and ensuring on time delivery. This process is more cost effective, it is very environmentally friendly when compared to other print processes, and it is usually the best choice. Short production runs, and those of medium size, are usually ideal for digital options because these choices usually allow better customization and personalization.

3. Do Your Headlines Grab and Engage Attendees?

Headlines in your trade show graphics should be simple, clear, and short, while being extremely powerful and engaging at the same time. Headlines and subheadings are what the reader will see first, and they will either be drawn in or lose interest quickly. Look at your headlines and see if they are the best possible or if you can make them better in any way.

4. Is Your Company Name and Logo Prominent?

Your trade show graphics should include your company name and logo in prominent places that visitors will see right away. This will help you be remembered after the event, and it will help you with consistency in branding across all of your booth components and details. The advantages of digital printing can make it easier and less expensive to do this.

5. Is Your Website Featured in the Graphics?

If your trade show graphics do not feature your business website then you could be missing out on traffic and potential customers due to this oversight.

6. Are Text and Images Crisp and Clear?

Whether you use digital printing or another type of process, it is very important that all of the text and images are crisp and clear. If your graphics are faded, blurry, or unappealing in other ways then this could cause people to dismiss your company right away.

What other things do you consider important when you are evaluating trade show graphics?

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