5 Helpful Tips for Trade Show Graphics Printing

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There are some helpful tips for trade show graphics printing that can help you wow visitors at these events while also helping you to save money and increase your brand recognition. One of these tips covers directional signage. This is very important so that people know where to find you and which direction to head on the trade show floor.

Trade Show Graphics PrintingUsing large format printing can help take your display over the top and make it larger than life, making it much easier for visitors to see your graphics across the floor and helping you attract more people during the event. Aisle markers made from lightweight and inexpensive materials can help identify your area and show attendees how to reach you.

If you want banners and aisle markers that stay flat and keep their appeal for the entire trade show duration weighting these items can be very beneficial. This will keep hanging signs looking perfect for several days. Matching the inks and the materials used will help you achieve the best possible results and an appearance that is much more attractive and professional.

1. Your Trade Show Graphics Printing Should Always Include Directional Signage

Directional signage should always be included in any trade show graphics printing. These displays will help visitors and potential customers find your booth quickly and easily. If you do not place directional signage then you could end up missing many leads and sales. If people cannot quickly locate your booth then they will turn to a competitor instead.

2. Large Format Printing can take your Booth over the Top

Choosing large format printing as an option for your trade show graphics printing can help you make your booth really stand out and give it a larger than life feel. Attendees will be able to see your displays from further away and this can help you draw in larger crowds. Graphics will still be crisp and visually appealing and the final cost is comparable as well. Large format printing can be on corrugated plastic, metal, and other substrates.

3. Utilize Inexpensive and Lightweight Aisle Markers

Trade show graphics printing should utilize lightweight and inexpensive materials for the aisle markers that you need. Since these are not expected to have an extremely long life and extended durability there is no reason to choose the most expensive materials. Pick choices that are lightweight and that are fairly inexpensive to get great aisle marker displays at lower costs.

4. Weighted Aisle Markers and Banners will Stay Flat and Attractive for the Entire Event

If you are using banners and hanging aisle markers then you may want to have these weighted when you order your trade show graphics printing. The weights will ensure that the items hang properly and that they do not bunch up or wrinkle during the event. This tip works well whether the promotional displays are placed indoors or outside.

5. Materials and Inks Should be Carefully Matched

Carefully match up the materials and the inks that are used with trade show graphics printing orders. Whether you choose regular or large format printing the various materials and inks should be perfectly matched and complement each other. Some inks work best with specific media, and the wrong choices could hurt your goals instead of working towards the set objectives.

Are there any other trade show graphics printing tips that you know about and are willing to share? If not why not?

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