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Are Your Convention Promotional Items Taken and Treasured?

By Elizabeth Crane / December 30, 2015

Convention promotional items can be a big draw. Giving away free items helps¬†attract people to your exhibit. They can also be items which are seen as junk, and quickly tossed away. Which of these categories do your promotional items fall into? Don’t lose money on tossed out promotional items. Here are some helpful ways you…

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12 Helpful Trade Show Advertising Tips from the Experts

By Elizabeth Crane / November 30, 2015

Trade show advertising success can be a fine art. Trade show advertising experts can give valuable advice to make your booth both approachable and enticing. The following are tips from experts to make your trade show set up a winning one. 12 Expert Trade Show Advertising Tips 1. Location of Your Booth Location is key.…

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Banner Printing Services

By Elizabeth Crane / March 13, 2015

There are many times when banner printing services may be needed, and these are commonly seen with trade show exhibits, special events, and other occasions and locations. There are a number of frequently asked questions about these services that need to be answered so that you can determine whether they are right for you or…

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Banner Printing Questions You May Need Answered

By Elizabeth Crane / February 12, 2015

From conventions and trade shows to retail stores and restaurants, banner advertising is a big way to broadcast products and promotions. Marketing messages are large and clear with banner printing provided by an experienced large format printer. When it comes to banner printing, there may be a number of questions that you need answered. You…

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13 Considerations With Any Convention Handouts

By Elizabeth Crane / January 15, 2015

Attending trade shows and conventions usually means walking away with bags full of convention handouts. From key chains and cup holders to pens and notebooks, exhibitors find a way to get their brand in your hands with promotional items and trinkets. And the value of pricey giveaways can be lost if your company doesn’t get…

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Are Your Brochures for Conventions as Good as they can Be?

By Elizabeth Crane / December 14, 2014

In Las Vegas alone, 5,107,416 people attended conventions in 2013. You can bet that the vast majority of these people received some kind of marketing material from the many trade show exhibits. Brochures for conventions need to be exceptional to stand out from the bag full of materials and goodies that attendees walk away with.…

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