Heather Graham

Heather Graham Criticizes Las Vegas and is added to the Stupid List

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Sounds like Heather Graham did not enjoy her recent visit to Las Vegas. First, let’s point out that I had no idea who Heather Graham is and had to do a quick Google search to find out she is an actress that had a few successes years ago and is trying to revive her career.

Heather Graham

Apparently Heather was in Vegas to film the third installment of the “Hangover.” While here she decided that Vegas is just a little too superficial for her blood. She thinks the people here are phony and all they want to do is spend their money. She likes looking at trees not machines. Seriously?

Adding Heather Graham to the Stupid List for Blasting Las Vegas

I think we can now officially add little miss Heather to the group of tourists that think we all live on the Strip and spend our days gambling and drinking. Does this girl not have a brain? Does she really think two million people are crammed on to the Strip? Does she really think we don’t have suburbs and trees and real people that go to work everyday and live quite normal lives?

Maybe Heather was handcuffed to her fancy schmancy trailer and couldn’t tell that we have friendly, good people here. People that like to do things like go hiking, play sports, and take their kids to birthday parties.

I don’t normally send gifts to people I don’t know but I’m considering sending her a map of Las Vegas and Clark County. I could put big red arrows and gold stars showing her Red Rock Canyon, Bonnie Springs, Floyd Lamb Park and Tule Springs, and all the beautiful parks we have here in Vegas.

Heather did like one thing about her trip to Vegas. Yes, she thought the trailer she stayed in was simply fantastic. She said it was quite luxurious and you could actually live in it. Wow Heather, that says a lot about you. I’m just wondering. Were there any trees in your trailer?

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