5 Questions to Help You Pick the Right Portable Trade Show Displays

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It is all about standing out at trade shows. In a sea of exhibit booths, you want to be the one that everyone is ogling over. Choosing the right portable trade show displays will help you do just that.

Portable Trade Show Displays

Picking out portable trade show displays for your company does not have to seem impossible. There are some questions and answers that can help you make the best possible decisions to have the displays that you want and need for success at these shows. These questions should always include the following:

  • Where will you be using the portable trade show displays?
  • What types of events do you plan to attend in the future?
  • How will you handle the storage and transportation of your exhibit booths in between events?
  • Who will be responsible for setting up and tearing down these items? Will you do it or will you have it done by hiring professionals?
  • What types of displays are preferred, and which ones will work best with your overall design and booth theme?
  • What is your budget?

1. Where Will the Portable Trade Show Displays be Used?

Knowing where you will be using the portable trade show displays is the first step to picking the right components to help you succeed at future events. If you plan on using the display item on the wall then one product may be better. If you are looking for a tabletop display then this may change your final decisions.

The location of your exhibit space should be considered. If you always have a corner location, this can influence your decision about where you want your portable trade show displays placed.

2. How Will the Exhibit Booths be Stored and Transported?

Storage and transportation are important considerations with your exhibit booths and portable trade show displays. If you purchase the items then they will need to be stored in between being used for shows, and they will need to be transported back and forth. If you do not think about these issues before you buy your displays then you could regret your decisions later on.

If storage is an issue consider renting your exhibit booths and portable trade show displays. It is a very cost effective way to attend trade shows and stay on budget.

3. Who Will Set Up and Tear Down the Displays?

Most portable trade show displays are fairly easy to set up and tear down. But each case is different and each person will have certain skills and abilities as well as certain areas where they are not as capable. Before you buy a product that includes complex instructions, make sure that you can handle the set up and tear down, or that you have someone who can.

Be sure to check your convention location to see if set up and take down is required to be performed by union members. Many cities have trade show and convention unions.

…many tradeshow convention halls will charge you drayage, a fee for each piece that is shipped to directly to the show…

Source: TradeShowMarketingAdvice.org

4. What Display Types are Preferred?

The type of portable trade show displays that you like is an important factor. If you do not go with your personal preferences when it comes to your exhibit booths then you could be missing visitor appeal. If you are not sure then you should speak with a professional designer in order to get the answers that you need so you can decide.

5. What is the Amount that you have Available to Use?

The cost for portable trade show displays and exhibit booths can range from very low to very high, and there are options in between as well. You should know what financial resources you have available so you can do the best possible within this budget. Insist on top quality, and then downsize if necessary without sacrificing the quality or breaking your budget.

Do you use portable trade show displays for your events? Why or why not?

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