10 Exhibit Booth Tips for the First Time Exhibitor

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There is a first time for everything. And exhibiting at trade shows and conventions is no exception. If you are a newbie, our exhibit booth tips will be right up your alley.

Exhibit Booth Tips

Top 10 Exhibit Booth Tips for Newbies

1.  One of the most effective exhibit booth tips for first time exhibitors is to be positive and respectful. This includes anyone who is performing labor on your booth, visitors to your area, your staff, and anyone else that you come into contact with. Do not try to talk down about competitors, just show or explain why your product is better.

2. Make sure that any banners used can be seen from a decent distance. When you decide on the size of the text, graphics, and banner product make sure that you think about how well those across the room can see your display. If a banner is too small then it will not be able to draw in the crowds and you could miss out on traffic from attendees.

Banners may be very effective at a number of event types. These can draw people in from far away if they are large enough to provide exceptional visibility in almost any situation or circumstances.

Source: Las Vegas Color Graphics blog

3.  One of the best exhibit booth tips for first timers is to know when the move in and move out deadlines are so that these can be met. Each event will have a specific schedule in place, and it is up to the exhibitor to know and follow any schedules that are set.

Make sure you are setup before the show opens. Before you start unpacking everything, check the electrical outlets and phone outlets, if you have any.

Source: Studio1Productions.com

4. Some first time exhibit booth tips cover shipping, and a plan to make sure that every item needed will be in place for the event. Shipping should be arranged so that there is no last minute rush. This allows you to make sure everything is ready when the show starts and there are no unexpected delays.

UPS and other carriers provide services just for trade shows and conventions. Choosing a company that has experience in shipping for these events is paramount to your success.

Our team can create a precise transportation plan for your needs and will provide the customer service you demand. Your urgent needs are ours as well.

Source: UPS.com

5. The banners that you use should be incredibly professional. Remember that they will reflect your company and products, so you want them to be top quality and very effective. Do not try to go cheap or you will get exactly what you pay for.

6. If this is your first event then one of the most helpful exhibit booth tips is to read the event material thoroughly. The show organizer should provide all of the information needed by vendors and exhibitors. If you still have questions contact the event sponsor.

7. Choose a variety of material and display types. Mix it up by including a few choices like banners, handouts, and other products in order to make your booth area incredibly appealing. Do not go overboard though, choose a few materials and displays and make them high quality.

8. Look for various exhibit booth tips online before you start planning your very first event. This will help you avoid the most common mistakes and help things go smoother. If you make common mistakes this could cause your first show to be a failure instead of a success.

9. Booth regulations are a frequent topic of exhibit booth tips, and it is very important that you understand all of the regulations for your booth type and size before you arrive to exhibit at the show or convention. This will prevent any problems once you get there.

10. One of the most frequent exhibit booth tips for beginners has nothing to do with displays or   banners. Take care of yourself, making sure that you stay hydrated and that you take breaks to eat and rest when needed. You may be surprised at how tiring an entire day of exhibiting can be.

What other exhibit booth tips do you want to offer for first time exhibitors?

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