How to Create Trade Show Banners that Impress and Convert Visitors

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Your trade show banners need to be impressive. Period. You want these materials to be big, bold, and extraordinary. The competition is fierce at most conventions so your trade show banners better hit the mark to attract visitors and turn them into customers.

Trade Show BannersThere are some important considerations to keep in mind to have a big impact and make your booth become the center of attention.

Most banners will use large format printing. This involves additional care because the use of gradients with this format can lead to visible defects in some cases. They should be avoided if possible. In some cases, the cost of a professional graphic designer is money well spent in order to get a unique design that pops and sizzles.

Printing large format graphics with gradients made in Illustrator can produce banding effects.


The placement of the banner is a big factor. If it will be used outside additional weather protection may be needed. Your materials should be personalized so that your booth and displays stand out and are unique. Cost is always a concern, but quality should be the highest priority when it comes to an item that represents your company.

Trade Show Banners Should be Bold, with a Big Impact

Think of ways to make your trade show banners bold and give them incredible impact. This is the only way that you will be able to draw the attention of the visitors and win over all of the competition on the trade show floor. Bright and bold colors, large text, and exquisite graphics are the key to success.

Trade Show Banner

Large Format Printing with Gradients can cause Banding

When you use large format printing for trade show banners be wary of using gradients because of the unintended effects that this can have. Sometimes visible lines called banding can occur, and these can affect the appearance.

Gradient BandingWhen designing trade show banners with programs like InDesign, Illustrator, and PhotoShop, gradients can look smooth on screen. However, once they are sent for digital or offset printing banding normally appears if no added steps are taken. The banding results can render the final product useless. It may be possible to remove the banding but it is better to just avoid it in the first place if you are not an expert in Adobe products.

Pay for Professional Graphic Designer Services

If you want the best possible trade show banners then you may want to consider hiring a graphic designer or a graphic design firm. This will cost money but the end results may make it a worthwhile expense. After all, this display item will represent your business on the floor and you want it to make a positive first impression.

Location makes a Difference

Exterior trade show banners have extra considerations because they may be exposed to severe and extreme weather conditions. Whether or not you use large format printing, if your banners will be displayed outside then they will need to be wind and weather resistant or they could end up looking ragged and unattractive. Vinyl banners help prevent damage from rain or even snow.

vinyl banners come with specialized attachments to ensure that they are secure


Design makes a Big Difference

Add your own personal touch to your trade show banners and give them some personality. Since most of the vendors will be using these items you need to make yours really stand out right away, and personalization can have this effect and will appeal more to the traffic on the floor.

Balance pictures and words. Large and bold fonts with minimal text are a popular design seen on television and billboards. It’s a great way to make trade show banners stand out too.

Choose one or two fonts and then stick with these to avoid any confusion or excessive components.

Insist on the Highest Quality that fits your Budget

Poor quality trade show banners look cheap, and they make your company look cheap. With large format printing and other format methods, you should insist on the highest possible quality without breaking your budget. This will show your business in the best possible light.

Make sure your Trade Show Banners are Portable

Whether your banners are large or small make sure they are portable and easy to set up and take down. Ask your printer if they come with a carrying case. Try a sample out first and see if you can easily put it up and take it down. This should be a one-person job.

What do you think is important when you are designing and ordering trade show banners?

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