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10 Unusual Convention Signage Ideas

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With the thousands of conventions held every year in Las Vegas, convention signage plays a major role in being recognized and visited. Trade show exhibits are meant to be seen so make sure your signs do their job.

Convention Signage

Convention signage needs to be eye catching, unusual, and effective. If your booth just has the same old banners and printed signs then you could find people walking right by your booth to get to a competitor who does have unique signs that are engaging. This will help you draw in bigger crowds of traffic and make people want to visit you in large numbers.

  1. Include Interactive Components with your Convention Signage

In order to give your convention signage an unusual twist, try adding some interactive elements that visitors can engage with. When people get a chance to touch, smell, or use other senses in addition to their eyes they are more likely to stop by. Plain printed signage is a thing of the past, take advantage of new technology to make some of your signs interactive.

  1. Large Format Printing for Banners

Trade show exhibits are known for having banners that scream the company’s brand. These banners are printed with large format printing equipment and placed in a variety of choices of banner stands. Go big with your signs for maximum attention.

Price lists, special product displays, and even signs that provide vital information about your company and products will make your booth more appealing.


  1. Use Chrome and Other Unexpected Materials

One way to make your signage stand out even on a convention floor is to use chrome or other unexpected materials that have a lot of appeal. Chrome and other metal choices have a high shine which catches the eye, and these materials are unexpected enough to cause surprise and curiosity in the convention visitor. Your booth will typically be where they head first as a result.

  1. Turn Unlikely Elements into a Sign for Your Company or Product

If you want convention signage that gets attention then try using unlikely elements to advertise and market for your business. One company used branded balls filled with helium, and these changed color as they were held and manipulated. Another business used a pineapple placed in a branded bag, and sent a list of 10 things the pineapple could be used for.

  1. Use LED Lights and Fabrics for an Unusual Sign that Changes

If you want unusual convention signage that pops and stays appealing through the entire convention then try combining fabric and LED lights. A frame that has been lined with LED lights can be used to stretch fabric across. This signage can change in a variety of ways, keeping your display fresh, relevant, and highly engaging during the entire event.

  1. Consider 4K and Decide Whether to Use This Advanced Technology

Advancements in technology today mean that convention signage can involve 4K. This technology is just now becoming available in rental monitors for conventions. Since this is a new technology it can be expensive, and much of the content available is not in 4K. If your content is not 4K then it may not be worth it to use this technology in your signage.

While it’s currently being touted as a new broadcast and streaming resolution–particularly with the appearance of the HEVC H.256 codec–the roots of 4K are in the theater.


  1. Create Your Logo with Products or Other Unexpected Items

Make a signage element that displays your logo using products or other unexpected items. This type of sign display can be very impressive, causing wonder and excitement in convention visitors. Your sign will be the last thing that people expect and that is exactly the reaction that you want to create so that you get a steady flow of traffic by your booth and floor area.

  1. Use a Variety of Video Feeds to Switch Things Up

Use video feeds as part of your convention signage. Setting up one or more LED panel walls can make an impressive statement and provide exceptional graphics, but only if you mix things up. Playing a static image of your logo repeatedly is not going to draw in visitors, but when you provide a changing background that is appealing and highly relevant you will get much better results.

  1. Add the Human Factor with a Human Sign

Add a human touch to your convention signage with a human sign. Whether the individual is simply holding an arrow signboard or this element is much more elaborate you will get noticed much faster. The human sign can be simple or much more detailed and complex, and the individual can engage traffic and interact with convention visitors.

  1. Add Some Animation to the Signage at Your Booth

Boring or plain convention signage will cost you in terms of visitors and booth traffic. Add some animation to your signs so that the movement catches people’s eye and draws them to you. Whether this is just an animated logo or a full wall of animation, you will find that you will get better results and a higher volume of traffic.

What unusual convention signage ideas have you used in the past? How did this signage work out?

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