10 Terrific Convention Marketing Ideas for Small Budgets

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Is your budget for marketing less than you would like? You don’t need a Fortune 500 company financial plan to market effectively at conventions. Our convention marketing ideas will help you succeed at trade shows and conventions without breaking the bank.

Convention Marketing IdeasThere are many convention marketing ideas out there, from trade show banners and drawings to massage chairs and promotional freebies. But what if you have a smaller budget? Just because you do not have a fortune to spend, it does not mean that you cannot get great results on a limited budget. With some careful planning and a little research you can be a winner at your next event.

There are many ways that you can get the word out about your company and your products without spending a lot of your money. Some are even free and all they require is some time from you.

Convention Marketing Ideas that Fit Small Budgets

1. Blog comments – This is one of the convention marketing ideas that uses current technology and the Internet in order to market your company at any convention or trade show. Make sure that you post detailed and helpful comments on blogs that are relevant to your industry and the event. You may be surprised by how many people show up and stop by.

2. Message boards – Trade show banners are a common marketing item, but few people think to take advantage of online message boards that can be very effective at promoting your company and the event. You can find message boards on almost any topic, and once you locate relevant boards then start a conversation.

Don’t start out on message boards being too promotional. Establish yourself as someone that can contribute to the conversation first.

3. Social Networks – Some of the best convention marketing ideas involve social networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and even Pinterest and others can be used for marketing purposes. Try live streaming from your booth so that all of your customers can stay updated even if they cannot come to the convention.

For trade shows, most hosts announce an official hashtag for attendees who want to follow expo-related tweets.

Source: AllBusiness.com

4. Trade show banners – These items may seem redundant. But with the right graphics and colors you can turn them into fantastic materials that draw people in and appeal to them. Get creative and make these promotional materials unique without adding a lot of expense. It is not just the size of the space that you have but also what you make of the space.

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5. Perform case studies or create a white paper – If you have customers that are happy then one of the creative convention marketing ideas is to create a white paper or print up case studies to hand out at the event. As long as the data that you provide is relevant and helpful this can help you convert visitors into customers.

6. Create a guide for beginners – Convention marketing ideas can include creating a guide for beginners in your industry. This will take you some time but the cost is usually minimal, and this can help make you an expert in your industry. You can provide much needed information that will make visitors appreciate your company and remember you later on.

7. Hold a Q and A session – One of the innovative convention marketing ideas is to hold a question and answer session for people who attend the event. You can hold a single session or one every hour or two, depending on your preferences. This costs you nothing but it lets you find out what visitors want to know and gives you a chance to start communication.

8. Ask visitors for referrals – In addition to trade show banners and other promotional items you should focus on lead generation for future marketing efforts. One way to do this is to ask people who stop by your booth for referrals. This will help you generate more leads and build communication at the same time.

9. Offer a steep discount to certain visitors – Giving away the farm is one of the more popular convention marketing ideas. Another is to offer steep discounts, but only to certain visitors who stop by. Mail postcards that must be redeemed at the event in order for the recipient to get the discount, or hold a drawing to determine a specific number of winners.

10. Offer something for a Tweet – One of the newest convention marketing ideas is Tweet payment, and this can be very effective. Offer a free product or other incentive for anyone who tweets about your company and the event. You may be surprised at the results.

What other convention marketing ideas can you think of that can be used with a small budget?

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