Design the Best Trade Show Exhibits Possible With These Secrets

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If you’ve attended any trade shows or conventions, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. The best trade show exhibits stand out because of their unique design and creativity. The bad and ugly stand out in their own right…but not for any reasons that you would want to incorporate in your exhibit booth! So what are the secrets to succeed?

Best Trade Show Exhibits Secrets

If you want the very best trade show exhibits possible then you need to do your research and understand every aspect and factor, from material design and convention printing to signage and other display elements. There are some secrets that can help even beginners get better exhibits and booths, which in turn will attract more visitors to their space.

The Right Lighting is a Factor in the Best Trade Show Exhibits

All of the best trade show exhibits will have the right lighting choices and placement. Many business owners do not consider different lighting possibilities; they rely on the venue to provide light for their space. This is a big mistake, and the best booths use a variety of lighting types and techniques to make their exhibit really stand out on the show floor.

There are a variety of options to consider with exhibit lighting. Some of the different options are:

  • Bookcase and shelf lights
  • Back lighting
  • Display case lighting
  • Spotlights
  • LED rope
  • Recessed lighting
  • Up lights

Use the Right Printer for Your Convention Printing

Convention printing should never be an afterthought, the materials that you hand out and use for your displays reflect on your company and products. Take the time to evaluate several companies before you decide whom to trust with this important component of your exhibit success. Look at the costs associated with your order, whether the printer can deliver on time, and final quality you can expect.

Having the top quality materials and printing, as well as graphics and styles, are necessary to make them stand out from other vendors.

Source: Las Vegas Color Graphics

Avoid a Booth Location Across From the Venue Entry

One of the best-kept secrets when it comes to the best trade show exhibits is location. If you have booth space that is right across from the venue entry then people may be hesitant to cross the line of people coming in and out to visit your exhibit. Try to get a space that is not directly in the line of traffic instead so there are no impediments for people who want to stop by.

Display a Product with a Substantial Discount

When you order convention printing, don’t forget about display signs, and make sure that you offer a product display for an item that has a substantial discount. Make sure that the sign lets booth visitors know about this steep discount, because everyone likes to save money especially if it is something they would be willing to buy at full price.

Use Color to Attract Visitors

The use of color is another factor that helps to set the best trade show exhibits above the rest. Careful color selection and placement can make the difference between a top exhibit and a hot mess on the show room floor. If you need help with this then consult a graphic designer or other professional to get advice on the colors and specific placement.

Chrome Makes any Exhibit Booth Appealing

Some of the best trade show exhibits in recent years have made use of chrome to really get noticed and outdo the competition. Chrome and other shiny things automatically draw the eye and get noticed immediately, drawing people to your booth in larger numbers and generating more interest in your brand and your products.

Don’t Try to Display Every Product That You Offer

One thing that can make the best trade show exhibits really excel is knowing what to showcase, and what to leave out. You want every product that you offer on your order forms, but not crowding your display shelves. Instead of throwing everything that you offer out there select a few of your most popular products to display, and keep the others on hand but out of sight until needed.

Use Mirrors to Make a Display Seem Larger Than Life

Mirrors can turn a ho hum exhibit into one of the best trade show exhibits at the venue. These features will multiply everything, including your products and convention printing displays, and will give the illusion that your booth is larger than it actually is. This can be a good way to get the most out of a smaller space or to boost up the visual elements that you have.

What secrets can you share to get the best trade show exhibits possible?

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