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6 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Attracting Bigger Crowds

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There are some trade show booth ideas that can help you attract bigger crowds and more visitors to your displays and floor area. One innovate concept is to use cash machines in order to get people to visit and provide contact information. A prize wheel is also very attractive to consumers because everyone wants to win a prize without spending anything.

Cool Japan Trade Show Exhibit

The Design Factory’s Trade Show Exhibit for Cool Japan

Add food to your final tradeshow exhibit design in order to entice people to your booth with appealing smells and enjoyable flavors, because who can resist some free candy, fresh pastries, or coffee? Giving away inexpensive gifts will add value to your offer, and many individuals view a company who has provided a gift more favorably, regardless of how much the gift is worth.

One modern technique is to reward activity on social media sites and feeds with discounted offers or free products, because this can help spread word of mouth buzz that can be priceless. Periodic drawings can be a popular way to generate lead information and ensure that visitors leave their contact data for later follow up.

Trade Show Booth Ideas1. Cash Machines are Fantastic Trade Show Booth Ideas

One of the top concepts in trade show booth ideas is to use cash machines or money vaults in order to attract targeted visitors. Few people can resist the lure of cash, and this encourages people to leave their contact information in case they win a chance to grab as much money as possible. Adding this feature may give you very surprising results as far as traffic and lead generation are concerned.

2. Add a Prize Wheel to Your Exhibit Design

During the exhibit design process you need to think about the displays that you will use. A prize wheel can boost the popularity and traffic of your booth by a substantial amount in many cases. This is one of the great trade show booth ideas because you decide what the prizes will be, how often the wheel is spun, and what information the visitor provides to win a chance at spinning the prize wheel.

3. Food can be a Big Attraction for Visitors

One of the most effective trade show booth ideas is to add food items to your exhibit design. Popcorn, candy, coffee, and other items with pleasant aromas will help bring in more visitors to your booth. This method helps you engage additional senses and this is more likely to make a very favorable impression on potential customers.

4. Offer an Inexpensive Gift for Contact Information

One of the most effective trade show booth ideas is to offer a small and inexpensive gift to encourage visitors to give you their contact information. This data can be followed up on later in order to achieve a better response. Everyone enjoys getting something free and the gift offered can be simple or over the top, depending on your budget.

5. Reward Social Media Activity

Some of the best trade show booth ideas take advantage of social media, and few businesses can succeed without this type of effort. Offer rewards for talking about your business or products on social media. These rewards can be discounts, free items, or other incentives.

6. Hold Periodic Drawings

When you choose the exhibit design leave space open for equipment that allows you to hold periodic drawings. Inexpensive forms or cards can be used to gather visitor details, and the prizes for the drawing can be as inexpensive as you want.

What other trade show booth ideas have you found that work well at drawing crowds?

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