Helpful Answers to Common Large Format Printing Questions

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Go big or go home! Large format printing can take an ordinary marketing piece and make it larger than life. Time to do some Q&A on this type of printing. It can turn your products or services in to spectacular visual masterpieces.

Large Format Printing

  1. What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing is a printing method and process that provides an advertising medium that involves a wider print roll with a maximum width. Rolls of paper are used instead of individual sheets so that the end product is larger and has a grander scale. This type of printing has gained popularity in recent years because it is bigger and can be more impressive.

  1. When is it Used?

Printing that uses a larger format may be used in many different situations. Large banners, signs for venue advertising, posters, vehicle image wraps, trade show graphics, and other printed items may call for a larger than normal format in order to get the desired appearance and size. This method is also used in theatrical and media set backdrops, and with construction and architectural plans.

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  1. Is it More Expensive?

Because your printed items are larger than normal you will usually pay more for large format printing. The extra cost needs to be evaluated in the proper perspective though. When you have signs and other printed materials which are larger and more elaborate you will usually get more attention and better campaign results that can improve your overall return in spite of the extra expense.

  1. How does this Printing Process Differ from Digital Printing?

Digital printing and large format printing have some similarities, but also some differences as well. Imagine regular printing but on a larger and wider scale. Specialized equipment, inks, and stock may be used in order to provide the desired results. These systems may be computerized just like digital printing but the end product is produced on a more massive scale.

  1. What Printing Equipment is Used?

During the large format printing process a larger scale of printing equipment and printers are used. These printers typically use the CMYK color model and the equipment has nozzles which may be larger. This allows you to get large graphics and images that are high quality, with the vibrant colors and crisp clear edges that you are hoping for.

  1. What Inks and Pigments are Available?

Every printer may offer different basic and specialty inks and pigments to choose from. In many cases larger format products use UV inks because these resist fading best and they can be used outside as well as inside. UV inks are water based, and their color may seem a little dull when compared to smaller items that use inks without UV protection or that are not water based.

  1. Do Graphics and Image Based Materials Benefit from this Method?

One of the biggest benefits with large format printing besides the bigger size is the quality that any images and graphics will have. If you want a large poster, sign, banner, or other larger item then this format can be the right printing choice if your materials have graphics and images instead of just text. Discuss your options with your printer before you decide on a small or large format.

  1. What Stocks can be Printed On?

You have many different choices when it comes to stocks that can be used with the larger format. Vinyl, paper, even cloth and various fabrics can be printed on. Each printer will have methods that they are comfortable with, and there may be some methods that they can not deliver. Discuss your stock options with the preferred printer to see what your options are. You may be surprised at the answer.

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  1. How Hard is it to Find a Printer who Offers Large Format Options?

If you want large format printing then this should be fairly easy to find no matter where you live in the USA. Most printing companies will offer this option, especially if they handle business or convention printing. Just make sure that you evaluate several printers who offer this method before making a final choice if you do not already have a trusted printing company in mind.

  1. Are There any Size Limits?

Large scale printing still has some size limits though, and these will depend on the equipment being used and the maximum width for that specific equipment. In general most companies can not provide end prints that are more than 61 inches wide due to equipment restrictions. Some print companies may have a smaller maximum width so make sure you ask.

What other large format printing questions have you asked a printing company?

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