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A Helpful Checklist of 11 Essential Trade Show Supplies

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There are so many things to do when preparing for a trade show. Having a comprehensive list of trade show supplies will help make sure you have every little thing you need. Sometimes it’s the little things that count. Our list of trade show supplies includes some things that you might not have thought to bring.

Trade Show Supplies

1. Pens and Permanent Markers – These writing tools are essential trade show supplies that you do not want to be without when they are needed. These are items mandatory at every show. They should be included in a kit that you take with you to every single event. Markers are critical for labeling, and pens tend to walk off during an event frequently.

Trade Show SuppliesOne of the most essential trade show supplies is pens and markers, and you should have a range of colors available.

Source: The Design Factory Blog

2. Fasteners – One of the top convention tips is to include a variety of fasteners in your box of trade show supplies. These items should include tape, paper clips, a stapler, a good supply of staples, and a staple remover. You can probably get these from an event coordinator but you could end up waiting a long time for them.

Trade Show Stapler

3. Notepads, Post Its, and Folders – Your checklist for trade show supplies should include these very important items. Many convention tips talk about the importance of organization, and the need to take notes at times. Folders will help you organize and store papers, post its can document what needs to be done, and notepads allow you to take down information.

Trade Show Notepad4. A First Aid Kit – Part of your trade show supplies should always include a first aid kit. You never know when you may need a band aid or have to disinfect a cut or scrape during an event. The size of the first aid kit does not have to be huge, but it should contain the most common first aid supplies that you may require during the show.

Trade Show First Aid Kit5. Common Hand Tools – Top convention tips always recommend that you have basic hand tools just in case these are needed. Nothing is worse than needing a screwdriver or requiring a hammer and finding out that you are missing these items.

Trade Show Tools6. Breath Strips and Deodorant – Convention tips often point out that good hygiene is incredibly important, so your kit of trade show supplies should include dissolving breath strips and extra deodorant so that you are prepared for anything.

Trade Show Mints7. Extension Cords and Electrical Strips – Sometimes the most important trade show supplies that you can have are extension cords and electrical strips. These may need to be approved by the event venue to ensure that they meet the current electrical standards.

Trade Show Extension Cord8. Extra Batteries and Light Bulbs – In your box of trade show supplies you should always include extra batteries and light bulbs. These items can be needed at inconvenient times, and when you have them on hand, you will not need to scrounge around trying to find them.

Trade Show Batteries9. Calculators for the Booth Staff – Make sure that you include a few calculators for your staff to use, that way there are no mathematical errors. Most people can do basic math, but this can take longer and hold up traffic.

Trade Show Calculator

10. Garbage Bags– Many people fail to pack garbage bags in their trade show supplies and this can be a big mistake. You will find yourself surprised at how much trash you may accumulate in your area in just a few hours, and you don’t want visitors to see a messy booth that is cluttered.

Trade Show Trash Bag11. Pencils, a Pencil Sharpener, and Erasers – Many convention tips discuss taking notes, but in some cases you will want to make a notation that will be removed later on, and pens or markers are permanent.

Trade Show PencilWhat other items do you keep in your kit of trade show supplies and why?

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