12 Helpful Trade Show Advertising Tips from the Experts

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Trade show advertising success can be a fine art. Trade show advertising experts can give valuable advice to make your booth both approachable and enticing. The following are tips from experts to make your trade show set up a winning one.

12 Expert Trade Show Advertising Tips

1. Location of Your Booth

Location is key. Trade show advertising experts caution against choosing a location that is too close to the entry. It is also important to never place your table across the entry to your booth. Both of these mistakes could make visitors reluctant to enter your area. They may worry about blocking the entrance to the venue. You want a convenient location, where entry is easy and your signage is very visible.

2. Use Signage to Draw in Crowds

Professional signs that are visible and show special offers or valuable discounts can draw in crowds. You can put up signs to indicate products that are best sellers, and signs to show new and innovative items. Make sure your signage is top quality and on point to get the reaction you want. Consumers want to be led in the right direction. Show them where to go with a sign that is clear and unique.

3. Include Your Booth Number

One mistake that many people make with trade show advertising is failing to brand every single thing that they hand out with their booth number. This oversight will make it harder for people to find you again if they want to place an order or get more information. Put your booth number on every form, brochure, and other printed item that is given out.

4. Get Creative

Get creative with your trade show advertising. Partner with one or more other businesses who will be showcasing their products or services at the show to create a scavenger hunt, trivia quiz, or other interactive activity. Visitors will stop by each booth in order to complete the required tasks, or find the question to be answered.

5. Invest in Branded Bags

One big mistake that experts say can cost you in terms of trade show advertising is providing plain bags to place purchases in. You want others to see your products and notice your brand. Either forgo bags altogether, or invest in some bags that have your company name and brand logo in a very visible place. Using a brand logo consistently goes a long way in brand recognition.

6. Make Your Signage Visible, but Not in the Way

Make sure that your trade show area is open, inviting, and free of clutter. If you have tables everywhere, or your signage is blocking easy access, then attendees will pass by without a second look. You want plenty of visible signage, but it needs to be out of the way. Place your signage high, so that it does not affect the flow of traffic through your booth.

7. Be Friendly All the Time

Smile, greet everyone, and remain friendly. This seems like common sense, but after 12-14 hours on your feet it can be easy to forget. You and your staff are part of your trade show advertising efforts. You need to be on point whenever someone stops by with a question, or shows interest in one of your products or services.

8. Remain Professional

A well trained show staff will know the answers to common questions that visitors may have. They will remain professional on the show floor at all times. Eating is a big no-no. Chewing gum or eating candy is also a bad idea. Visitors may be hesitant to stop by if they think you are busy, or that it is an inconvenient time.

9. Use Social Media

Don’t forget about social media for your trade show advertising. These marketing channels can be very effective and attract large numbers of people to your location at the show. Use them properly. Let people know who you are and where they can find you at the event. Create a sense of excitement about your participation in the show.

10. Find Out if There Will be an Event Publication

Do some research and find out what event publications will be offered. Consider being added to any trade show publications or event newsletters. There may be a fee to be mentioned or listed, but the exposure that you will get can make this a smart investment for many vendors. Some trade shows do not charge for inclusion in event publications.

11. Feature Past Reviews

Use any past media coverage or positive reviews in your trade show advertising. These elements give people a reason to trust you or try out your products. Reviews show that you are an authority in your industry. Highlight these features, if possible. This can impact the outcome of the event for your company in a favorable way.

12. Advertise Your Participation in Advance

Don’t wait until the show starts to start your advertising campaign. There are many opportunities to advertise before the event. Start your efforts at least a month in advance. This will generate interest and help you achieve better numbers once the event actually starts. Get people interested in your product before they even arrive.

What other helpful trade show advertising tips have you learned?

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