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A Comprehensive Checklist for Trade Show Exhibitors

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Trade show exhibitors may feel overwhelmed at times because there is so much to do and worry about. But a comprehensive checklist can take some of the stress out of the next show or event. This checklist should cover everything, including choosing the right space and location in order to attract the most visitors to your booth.

Trade Show ExhibitorsIt is also important to be aware of all the design considerations with any exhibit booths that you use, in order to make sure that you get the best possible results and the highest amount of traffic to your area. Promotion and marketing is also an essential part of any event, and this includes before the show as well as while it is going on.

Staffing the booth is one area that many vendors tend to overlook, and one of the biggest problems is under staffing which can cause your exhibit to be unattended for periods of time. You also need to consider how you will generate leads, and what you will do to follow up with interested visitors once the event is over.

The Right Space is Important for Trade Show Exhibitors

The right space for your exhibit booths is critical. This should be a priority for all trade show exhibitors. The location and the size of your space can make even the largest exhibit seem overwhelmed, and smaller spaces can give a crowded appearance if you have numerous items and products that need to be displayed.

Important Design Considerations

Design is one of the factors that most trade show exhibitors place a priority. This can be very important. An island exhibit will not be as successful if you need to place it against a wall, and a permanent structure can be difficult and time consuming to set up and tear down. Find designs that work very well with your display types, graphic design, and booth location.

Promoting the Event

Effective promotion is what sets the most successful trade show exhibitors apart from the rest. In order to get good results you need to promote your brand and the event you will be attending as much as possible, both before and during the show. If you do not use effective promotions then your numbers may be very disappointing.

Staffing Your Exhibit Booths

Make sure that your exhibit booths are adequately staffed, and don’t forget to include an extra person in order to provide breaks and other types of relief. Trade show exhibitors often make the mistake of trying to do everything on their own. You could end up being away when a crowd reaches your booth and finds no one there.

Generating Leads and Following Up

One of the most important activities for trade show exhibitors is generating leads and then following up later on. If your exhibit booths are cramped or it is difficult for your visitors to reach the displays then you could be missing out on future sales. Hold drawings or other promotions to encourage visitors to provide their contact information to your company.

What helpful tips can you share with trade show exhibitors in order to help them make each show a success? Where did you learn about these tips and how well do they work? 

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