6 Things that should be on your Convention Marketing Checklist

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According to the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Bureau, over 20,000 conventions are held in Las Vegas annually. Do you think they were all prepared with their convention marketing? Probably not.

Convention Marketing

There are several things that should be included on your convention marketing checklist. If any of these are missing then you may not meet your objectives and get exceptional results from the event. First, you will need to come up with the right marketing plan and strategy so that you have a road map for meeting your goals.

If you want to attract a crowd at any convention then you need to let everyone know where you will be and when the event is being held. You also need to create the ideal design for all of your marketing materials so that they have the desired effect on visitors. Ordering all of the printing for conventions is a biggie. Otherwise, you may not be prepared when the time comes to show your stuff.

Always include any event marketing opportunities on your checklist; this can be a fantastic chance to increase your brand exposure for free. Any checklist for this type of event should include social media efforts in order to increase event traffic and interest in your area both, because social media channels can have a very large and extensive reach.

1. Come up with a Convention Marketing Plan and Strategy

One of the first things that should be on your convention marketing checklist is creating a plan and a strategy for your marketing efforts. This will help you determine how to reach your goals and objectives with easy and manageable steps. A marketing plan and strategy is one of the keys to a successful convention that boosts your business and brand.


2. Let Everyone Know Where You Will Be and When

A checklist for convention marketing always needs to include the steps that you will take in order to let everyone know where you will be and when he or she can find you there. You cannot attract traffic if no one knows about your attendance at the convention. You need to get the word out in as many ways as possible so you have a large audience for your message.

3. Take to Social Media to Boost Traffic

Part of your convention marketing plan should include taking to social media to spread the word about your attendance at the convention. This can be almost as important as the printing for conventions that you order, and it can have a big impact on the size of the crowd that you draw in during the event.

Social media is where people now spend their time. Fortunately, social media is not a replacement for trade shows, but is a great conduit to people who have tuned out of direct mail, email, ads, and phone calls.

Source: Mike Thimmesch at Trade Show News Network

Social Media for Conventions

4. Design Your Promotional Materials for the Event

Next on your convention marketing checklist should be the design of your promotional materials. This is a very important step because the design that you use will help determine the final outcome of your event results. Before you can order printing for conventions you need to know what you want to have printed and what materials you want to use.

5. Order Printing for ConventionsLarge Format Printer

Next on the convention marketing checklist should be for you to order your printing for conventions, and make sure that you do not wait until the last second to do this or else you may be missing vital elements of your booth and display when the time comes. Try to arrange for delivery at least a week or two before you will actually need the materials just in case. Using a printer in the city of your convention is usually the best choice.

Poster printing can be a highly visible way to promote your booth at a trade show or convention.

6. Take Advantage of any Event Marketing Opportunities

Many events offer free opportunities for convention marketing, and missing out on these could cost you in terms of traffic and sales during the event. Contact the event sponsor or coordinator if you are not sure what opportunities the event offers so that you can market your attendance at it. Many conventions provide a list of contacts that may be able to help.

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What other items do you have on your convention marketing checklist that should be included every time?

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