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How Holiday Direct Mail Can Help Your Business Have a Great Sales Season

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Whether you’re a retail company or you provide goods and services to more specific classes of clients and customers, the holiday season, which kicks off on Black Friday every year and runs through Christmas, is one of the busiest times of the year. You need to be on your marketing game when this season rolls around, and the best way to ensure your business has the best sales they can this time of year is through using holiday direct mail to your advantage.

The Potential of the Holiday Shopping Season

So just how much potential for profit is there for the month or so between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve? To be brief, it’s absolutely phenomenal. Holiday spending has been showing an upward trend for years now, and that culminated in 2018 when retail sales crossed the $1 trillion milestone for the first time in history. That’s some serious cheddar, to say the least!

Even if your company doesn’t exist in the retail sector, it probably intersects with it somewhere. this represents a major opportunity in that retail companies always have a heightened need for goods and services during this hectic time. That means that any and every business, from accounting to zoology and everything in between, has a role to play during this holiday season.

And Yes, Direct Mail Marketing Still Works Like a Charm

With today’s focus on e-commerce and digital marketing trends being what they are, you’re forgiven if you feel that direct mail marketing is a thing of the past. Why bother with printed flyers and mailers if everyone’s shopping on their computers and mobile devices? The truth is, though, that direct mail marketing is alive and well — and that means holiday direct mail marketing is still a major player.

Need some more convincing? Think about the following: around 70 percent of consumers prefer traditional direct mail advertising to digitally-delivered ads. This results in direct mail marketing being read much more often when compared to marketing offers sent through email, for one. Not only that, but the ROI on direct mail is staggering. Research has shown that for every $167 spent per person, marketers earn more than $2000 in sales as a result. That’s the kind of success you can take to the bank.

Putting Together the Best Holiday Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

At this point, it’s crystal clear that not running a holiday direct mail marketing campaign is akin to leaving money on the table. Unfortunately, lots of other companies know the score as well, and that means it’s going to be a busy, crowded, and competitive marketing sector. How do you make sure your postcards and mailers stand out amongst a sea of other holiday-related direct mail advertising as well?

There are a number of ways to fine-tune your direct mail marketing. One is to select your target audience carefully for the best result. Customer demographics will differ from one sector to another, but you can choose to target specific neighborhoods, use an existing mailing list, or simply have an entire zip code receive your mail. It all depends on the scope, and the budget, of your marketing.

Finding the Best Print Partner for Your Direct Mail Campaign

The success of any direct mail campaign, especially one during the hectic holiday season, can often come down to your choice of print partner. Selecting one with the capacity to produce a print run of your desired size in a timely manner is crucial, as is one that has the necessary printing equipment to produce high-quality marketing materials.

Other concerns when it comes to finding your best print partner include how cost-effective their services are. All-encompassing service that incorporates everything from prepress and layout to printing, addressing, and mailing might cost a few extra bucks, but the value these services provide is priceless when it comes to delivering the best marketing materials to holiday shoppers in a hurry.

Turn to Las Vegas Color Graphics for Your Holiday Direct Marketing Needs

At Las Vegas Color Graphics they’ve been the local Las Vegas printing specialists for more than 40 years. They have the cutting-edge printers you need to produce the highest quality marketing materials around, and their talented team of graphic designers can make sure your message gets across to your clients and customers in the best way possible.

On top of that, their 24-hour print studio can get your marketing materials ready to go before you know it. They will even send them out for you so you’ve got one less thing to worry about. This coming shopping season, turn to Las Vegas Color Graphics to see how we can help supercharge your holiday direct mail campaign!

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