Trade Show Marketing Guide for Success at your next Event

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Trade Show Marketing Personnel

Trade Show MarketingYour trade show marketing personnel can be a top priority. Make sure that the people you choose are motivated and understand your products or services. The last thing you want is to have your booth surrounded by workers who appear bored or who do not know enough about your offerings to answer basic questions.

Choose the Right Printing Companies

Choosing the right printing companies for your trade show marketing materials is critical. This will determine the final quality and price that you get. Look for printers who have a lot of experience, both in the industry and in jobs similar to yours. Compare prices, but also look at the quality and experience offered as well to choose the best company to print your show materials.

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Take Advantage of All Possible Mediums

Just looking at printing companies for your trade show marketing is a big mistake. Radio, newspapers, magazines, and other mediums can help you get better results and more visitors for your next show. Evaluate all of the possible ways that you could market the event and your attendance. Then use as many as you can without going over your set budget.

Determine the Targeted Audience

Before you can start any trade show marketing effort you will need to determine who your targeted audience is. This can help you design a marketing plan that will be more effective and help you achieve better results for these efforts. Consider whom you want to attract, and what population types are in the market for what you offer. These should be the ones targeted and the focus of your efforts.

Develop a Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is an important process for any company and will help you find future customers. You need to develop a lead generation strategy so that this can be used together with your marketing plan. If you want to generate leads with a form at your booth then this will need to be printed out and collected. Online lead generation is another option that can be used to gather potential client information.

Choose Your Promotional Products Carefully

For your trade show marketing to work as you hope you will need to choose your promotional products carefully. Ordering many posters and booklets from printing companies may work well for some companies but not for others. Having too many promotional products may not be a good idea and may make your area seem cluttered or crowded, but too few and you may run out early.

Take Advantage of QR Codes and Geolocation

Geolocation and QR codes are some of the newest techniques with trade show marketing. QR codes do not cost anything to generate. They can be placed on any product or material, and they can offer a discount or other promotion. Geolocation can attract visitors who show up to receive a product demo or a free chance to win products from your company. Foursquare can be an effective marketing tool.

Gather Data and Follow Up

Keep track of all data involved in your marketing efforts, from the materials and promotional products that were provided to the printing companies used. Gather data and leads generated on a continuous basis so you are well informed and can monitor your results. Make sure to follow up with interested visitors after the event as well, in order to maintain contact with the consumer.

What trade show marketing advice or tips would you offer to others?

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