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5 Trade Show Booth Rental Tips for Your First Show

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Trade show booth rental tips can be very helpful when you are deciding on an exhibit design or even choosing whether to rent or buy. If this is the first time you will take part in a trade show then you may want to start small and spend less until you see the initial results. A simple design that is highly effective will usually be the best choice.

Clutter is unattractive and this can also create safety hazards that are better avoided. Color selection is very important and if too many shades are included this can impact how your booth is seen by visitors. You should also know the dimensions of the space that you have on the floor so the right design size is chosen.

1. Start Out With a Small Trade Show Booth Rental

The first time you decide to use a trade show booth rental you should choose a smaller size that fits your needs and is easy on your budget. This will help you save on expenses while you decide if the rented booth is the right fit for your company and brand. For your first show picking a large booth may be a waste of money if it is not the right choice for your company and services.

2. Keep the Exhibit Design Simple Yet Effective

Trade Show Booth Rental

Trade Show Booth Rental by the Design Factory in Las Vegas

A simple but very effective exhibit design is typically the best possible choice, especially if you are preparing for the first show ever. Avoid over the top elements or an overall appearance that seems too busy. Choose a focal point for your trade show booth rental and then build around this element so that you have a display that is appealing to visitors yet simplistic. You can always make changes later on.

3. Avoid Clutter at All Costs

When you decide on the perfect trade show booth rental for your first event you need to make sure that clutter is avoided at all costs. The booth represents your company and clutter gives you an unprofessional appearance. Visitors may be hesitant to choose your brand or products if your organization skills are questionable.

4. Minimize the Number of Colors Involved

A common mistake made is to try to cram as many colors as possible into a trade show booth rental and exhibit display. This may seem overwhelming to many and could turn visitors away instead of drawing them in. Experts in this area recommend a maximum of three colors that are complimentary. This will provide visual appeal without seeming crowded or overwhelming.

Make sure that the few colors chosen for the exhibit design do not clash. White can go with almost any color scheme but this is not true of other shades. Blues and grays tend to pair well and so do certain other combinations. It may be wise to avoid any colors that seem overly aggressive.

5. Choose the Proper Dimensions for Optimal Display Space

You will find trade show booth rental options in varying sizes and dimensions, and each may fit well with some floor space requirements but not with others. Before you make any final decision on the perfect exhibit design make sure you know what dimensions you need and the size of the floor space that you have.

Did you use a trade show booth rental for your first show or did you buy the exhibits outright instead?

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