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Trade Show Exhibit Location, Location, Location

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When it comes to a trade show exhibit the location is extremely important. Sure, you may have heard people say that about, say, real estate and homes, but the same is true of trade shows. After all, your trade show location is really the real estate you have for a convention, is it not? Therefore, it’s important to understand that location matters and, if you can help it, make it a point to improve your location every year!

So… Is the Front Better for your Trade Show Exhibit?

Well… not necessarily. Part of your location in trade show exhibits, and when considering your trade show booth, comes down to what it is you are selling and what your company does. The front may not always be ideal depending on the space you need, the time you have with customers, and the popularity of your booth.

Remember that, near any major entrance, there will always be hundreds or thousands of people milling in and out, and possibly congesting the space in front of your booth. Not only can you run out of room to demonstrate things, you can get lost in the shuffle as people move from one booth to the next…and that’s not good for your trade show exhibit.

What Will Suit You?

Trade Show Exhibit

Trade Show Exhibit

At the end of the day, you need to first and foremost evaluate what will best suit you when it comes to trade show exhibits and the location therein. That is, if you need quite a bit of open space for product demonstrations or trade show table set-ups, it’s critical that you make it a point to find a location on the sides, or in the back, that will work for you.

If, on the other hand, you and your organization want to be in the shuffle and right in the heart of the show, you can feel free to get right up front and take center stage! You must also consider, though, what your customers and potential leads will go through with your location; will they be happy being crowded? Do they need more time to individually address each situation? Or can they be shuffled through quickly?

Think like a Buyer in your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade show exhibits are at their best when they are well-placed and natural. It does you no good to be next door or behind a large, loud, and flashy exhibit, but it also does you no good to stand out unnecessarily from the pack with a trade show table that looks out of place, or even embarrassing for the specific convention.

For that reason, it’s important to understand and think first and foremost like a customer; what would you want to see in a trade show exhibit if you were a potential buyer? What do you need to make you feel comfortable? From there, you can delineate the right moves when it comes to picking the perfect location.

Trade show exhibits and their location sure aren’t rocket science, but with a little common sense, you can find the perfect place for any booth or table, and reap the benefits of a solid and well-produced trade show table experience!

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