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Staffing Your Trade Show Exhibits with Great People

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staffing trade show exhibitsStaffing your trade show exhibits can seem like a difficult job when you take into account all the training and knowledge that goes on in having to pick the perfect people to be brand ambassadors for your company. After all, it’s imperative that they are knowledgeable, fun, energetic and more, when it comes to staffing and representing your organization well.


Choosing the Right People to Staff Your Trade Show Exhibits

So how do you choose the right people to staff your trade show exhibits, and how can you figure out who is best suited to run your trade show table in time?

Here’s four questions to ask yourself when looking for good staffers for your trade show exhibits.

1. Are They Knowledgeable?

First and foremost, you need somebody to staff your trade show exhibits who is both knowledgeable and a good speaker about your products and services. Customers and leads are looking for information, and it’s imperative that your staff can adequately represent you in a way that best fits your organization with their knowledge and more.

 2. Are They Energetic?

Interaction at trade show exhibits are supposed to be fun and energetic – that’s what makes the shows and conventions so much fun in the first place! Knowing that, be sure to make it a point to staff your trade show exhibit with energetic fun people who can capture that energy and harness it into positive work for your organization as you move forward with this brand representative working on behalf of your company.

3. Are They Good At Customer Relations?

Customers and interactivity are central at trade shows; make sure that whomever you pick to staff your trade show exhibits is good at customer relations, and can effectively communicate with customers over time. After all, it’s not only one of the most important traits a salesman can have – it’s something you will explicitly need if you are trying to increase sales numbers at these personal and interactive shows.

4. Are They Brand Representatives?

What it all comes down to is this. Trade show exhibits should be staffed with people who will effectively act on your behalf as a brand representative. Are you comfortable and OK with them representing your brand? Are they an ideal match for what you want to exude in your brand when it comes to showing off your products to other people? If so, it may be a match!

 Get some Help with Your Trade Show Exhibits

You might also want to connect with a trade show organization or association for assistance with your trade show exhibits. They are always current on the latest trends and have a lot of valuable information available which may be helpful for you in determining your staffing requirements.

See to it that your staff is both knowledgeable and professional – while being energetic and fun – and you are well on your way to properly and effectively staffing your next trade show booth with the right people and employees!

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