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What is the Most Important Factor with any Trade Show Exhibit Rental?

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When you use a trade show exhibit rental there are many important aspects and factors that you need to consider, but which should be the most important? Is it the size of the convention booth or the features that are offered? This is a common question that can be difficult to answer, in part because there are several factors that should be given a high priority.

The display strategies and marketing methods used, together with the rental equipment that you have chosen, will help determine the final appearance and appeal of your vendor space. The wrong choices could actually push away visitors and leave you waiting for the crowds. High-resolution graphics are crucial so that any images displayed are attractive and professional.

In addition to determining the exhibit types and colors you also need to think about text size very carefully, because this will determine whether visitors even notice your area or not. Mixing up more than one format and exhibit type will help you create a vendor area that is more attractive and that appeals to a much wider audience.

Size is Important with any Trade Show Exhibit Rental

The size of your trade show exhibit rental is a top consideration. You want a size that is easily visible from a distance. But of these items are too large they could overshadow all of the other components and items that you are using. Consistency across all of the booth features and components is also important, and the exhibits should seamlessly fit in with the rest of your area and items.

The Right Convention Booth Displays can draw in Crowds

Any trade show exhibit rental that you use should be appealing to a wide range of consumers and visitors, so that you can draw crowds to your area and reach more potential customers. If you make poor choices for the items used with your convention booth then the visitors may get the impression that your company is less than professional.

Make sure your Graphics are High Resolution

Trade Show Exhibit Rental

Any trade show exhibit rental that will include graphics should use high resolution for these images.

Any trade show exhibit rental that will include graphics should use high resolution for these images. Your convention booth will have graphics that are crisp and clear, without any blurry images that are hard to see or identify. If high resolution is not used then visitors may question whether you make good choices in other areas as well and you could miss possible clients.

Choose the Text Size after much Consideration and Experimentation

The size of the text that is used with your trade show exhibit rental can be a big factor in how much attention your space gets from visitors at the event. You may want to experiment with more than one size in order to find the best possible visual appeal. If visitors cannot see your message then they will not respond. This can affect your bottom line and company image.

Choose a Variety of Display Formats

Instead of sticking with a single type of trade show exhibit rental why not mix and match, for an appearance and appeal that is much larger. Many different types of exhibits and displays can be used with your convention booth. Not including a number of types could be a big mistake, one that may make your area seem bland or boring.

What do you think the most important factor should be with any trade show exhibit rental and what is your top priority when you rent these items? Why?

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