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How to Achieve the Best Results with Your Trade Show Exhibit

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If you are not a perennial exhibitor at trade shows, your best bet may be to rent a trade show exhibit or convention booth. To put it simply, there is always something to be learned from past trade shows. Here is a quick reminder for those that want to get it just right this year.

trade show exhibitAchieving the Best Results with your Trade Show Exhibit

What is it you want to achieve at this year’s show? Careful thought should be put into this even before you start putting your plans on the drawing board. Are you keeping the same format as last year with the same product range and services?

If you had a highly successful show your last time around, then all is well and good, but if you are starting afresh or just need a revamp, now is the time to prioritize your needs. Your first decision is the purpose of your display.

Are you looking for potential new customers or launching a brand new product?  You are certainly able to have more than one goal in mind but make sure that you are positive of what your overall achievement should be. Whether it is brand awareness or selling your product there are certain steps that will help ensure your success.

You must consider how many visitors you are hoping to get through your site. Do you need a quiet section offering a private area for invited guests? Perhaps some multimedia equipment is required for video or digital displays.  You can maximize display space with partitions or use highly visible video screens for the purpose.

convention booth floor plan

Functional Floor Plan

As your floor size may be limited, it is of utmost importance to design your display properly. Use your space wisely and consider using some items as dual purpose.

Use your company banner and logo overhead to have space below to entice guests in and make them feel comfortable. Find a balance with open spacing to avoid clogging traffic in your convention booth.

There should be space for customers wishing to spend more time with your staff and not feel rushed. Creating a designated area for you to discuss more thoroughly with you potential customers and clients can set the stage for relationship building.

You might want to try out different furniture arrangements to see where your attendees feel more comfortable. Renting a trade show exhibit makes it easy to try out new furniture and arrangements at each convention.

If launching a product, it needs to command center stage. Choose a raised platform and make sure it is centrally placed to be seen from all angles. Make certain you have plenty of sales brochures on hand at the boundaries of your display for passers-by that show an interest.

Achieving the Right Results from your Convention Booth

  • Your convention booth must function as a sales floor and an office, so have all sales literature in easy to access areas of your trade show exhibit.
  • Keep a centralized focal point to provide fast communication within your team and a control point to readily check performance and/or sales.
  • Your corporate message should be carried consistently throughout your display and identifiable from close up and at a distance.
  • Play a hands-on role in as many aspects of your trade show exhibit as possible.

As with most things in your organization, the more effort put into planning and clear communication the better chance of your desired results.

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