printing convention banners

Printing Convention Banners That Pop and Draw Crowds

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Printing convention banners can be a good way to bring attention to your presence at an event. Banners show visitors where they can find you, even from a distance. Many people believe that printing these items is a difficult process, or that special knowledge is required. When you have the right printer and you understand what is needed, this task can be simple.

printing convention banners

Know the Desired Format Before Printing Convention Banners

One of the first decisions that you will need to make is the format you want your banner to have. You can choose either vertical or horizontal. Each option can have some advantages and drawbacks. Consider which format will work best for your company and convention needs, before you do anything else.

Choose the Best Size for Your Business and Convention Needs

There are many different size possibilities when you are printing convention banners. Know the exact size that you are looking for, before having a printer create the banner for you. There are many standard sizes that you can choose from. Or you can have a custom size created based on your exact specifications. Your printer can detail the sizes that they offer.

A Simple Design is Usually Most Effective

Don’t try to over complicate things when you are printing convention banners. This is a common mistake. Researchers have found that a simple design usually works best. Simple designs that display your logo will help your business build recognition. If you need help, a professional design expert can assist you with the banner design.

Your Banner Fonts Need to be Clear and Easy to Read

Fonts are another important consideration when printing convention banners. Visitors prefer clear and easy to read banners. The font size will determine how easy it will be to read your banner. If your banner is fuzzy, out of focus, or the fonts cause other problems, people might not stop by. An easy to read banner will display your commitment to quality.

Legibility of narrow width fonts will drop off much more quickly when viewed at an angle. Stroke contrast and weight effect the importance of lighting conditions


Your Color Choices Make a Big Difference in the Outcome

Every color used needs to be carefully evaluated. Color has more influence than you may think. If you just use dark red, this could be seen as angry or aggressive. Colors that display such emotions could turn potential visitors away, instead of attracting them to you. Green is a color associated with calmness and peace. Know the color associations before you choose your banner colors.

What Lighting Will be Used at the Event?

If possible, find out what lighting types will be used at the convention, before you start printing convention banners. This aspect could have an impact on your banner choice, depending on where it will be used. Certain lighting types and options may affect the appearance of your banner. Take this factor into account to take full advantage of the funds being spent to attract customers to your space.

Consider Visibility From a Distance

You want your banner to be highly visible, even from a distance. However, distance isn’t the only factor. Too large of a banner could render it unreadable up close. There are many different sizes of banners. Choose a size that will show you off from a distance, and still allow people nearby to read it. If you still have questions, or you cannot decide on a final size, a printer will be able to help.

Keep Your Company Image in Mind

When you are printing convention banners, you want something that reflects positively on your company. A sloppy banner, or one that looks unprofessional, could make people view you and your business in the same way. Enhance the professional image you have worked hard to build up, by designing a banner that reflects what your company is all about.

Is the Banner Striking and Unique?

The purpose of printing convention banners is to get noticed. In order to do this, you need something that is striking and unique. Banners that stand out on the convention floor are quickly noticed in a good way. If you have generic items, then they will barely be noticed, if they are noticed at all. Research and spend some time and thought on what will get your banner noticed.

How do you set yourself and your organization apart when you are printing convention banners? What helpful tips can you give others?

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