Small Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Small Trade Show Exhibit Booths | 6 Great Benefits

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Small trade show exhibit booths can offer a number of benefits that larger displays may not provide. This needs to be considered carefully before you decide on a final size and design to use. Smaller displays and booths are usually less expensive, because there is less work required in order to create and set up the components due to fewer components being needed.

Small Trade Show Exhibit Booths

If your area display is smaller then you will not need as many displays or materials in order to make your convention booth attractive. It will appear full without needing large numbers of products and literature. Staffing is also a concern, and you will need fewer people and still be able to cover your booth at all times.

Smaller displays may seem more personal and friendly instead of standoffish or self-important. Setting up and tearing down your exhibit will take less time and less effort will be needed. This can save you on both time and labor costs. Another benefit is that smaller booths can fit in more floor locations and with smaller space amounts.

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1. Small Trade Show Exhibit Booths are Usually Less Expensive

If you are on a strict budget then one of the most attractive benefits of small trade show exhibit booths is that these are often less expensive. You may pay a lower price in order to get all of the booth and display components and this can mean money left over from your budget for marketing or other purposes instead.

2. The Convention Booth Requires Fewer Signs and Displays without Seeming Empty

Small trade show exhibit booths will require fewer signs and display items without seeming empty or sparse. This can help your convention booth looked packed without having to order a large number of materials and display items for your area. Small but well organized booths often get the best results at many shows around the country.

3. Fewer People are needed to Cover the Booth

A big benefit of small trade show exhibit booths is the staffing level that they require. It may be difficult to find several suitable individuals to help you staff your booth. But leaving a sign or just disappearing is the fastest way to fail at these events. Smaller options mean fewer staffers are needed to cover everything, and you never have to let visitors find an empty booth.

4. A Smaller Booth Appears More Personal and Friendly

Many visitors find that small trade show exhibit booths seem to be friendlier and they provide a personal touch that excessively large displays do not offer. This helps to attract and engage a larger number of visitors. This can also translate into more conversions and higher sales numbers from an event.

5. Less Time and Effort are needed for Set Up and Tear Down

An important consideration with your convention booth choice is setting up and tearing down your displays and structures. Small trade show exhibit booths need less effort and a shorter time for both of these processes. That can save you frustration, money, or both. You will not need to arrive as early and you will leave sooner after the event.

6. More Options when it comes to Floor Location and Booth Placement

The size of your convention booth will be a big factor in the floor location and booth placement that you get at each event. A smaller booth can fit into many more areas out on the floor and you will have a lot more options for placement. This can help you see savings on the floor space used at times, and improve the flow of traffic through your booth.

What other benefits do you know about small trade show exhibit booths that you are willing to share? Have you ever taken advantage of these benefits?

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