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Top 10 Tips for Las Vegas Tourists

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Vegas is a blast. But all you Las Vegas tourists can have an even more fantabulous time if you have a few tips in your back pocket before you start partying.

Tourist Tips

1. Tipping in Las Vegas

Tipping is good. Bartenders, waitresses, pit bosses, dealers, bellmen, valet attendees, etc. all work for tips…and they do remember who tips well and who does not. Don’t short these hard working people. When you plan your budget for your Vegas trip be sure to include enough money to tip adequately. 20% is the norm for food service. Tip your bartenders well for the best drinks and service. If you win at gambling tip your dealer or bartender at least 10% of your winnings…and do it before you gamble more and risk losing your winnings.

2. Cheap Vegas hotel rates

If you’re looking for the most economical way to go to Vegas weekdays will be your best bet. Hotel rates go up on the weekends. Make sure there are no big conventions or tradeshows—rates explode when a convention like CES comes to town.

3. Las Vegas free stuff

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas SignMy favorite thing in Vegas is still the Bellagio Fountains. I never tire of it. The accompanying music is always fantastic. It is an absolute must. Treasure Island has a spectacular pirate show at the entrance of the TI. Lounge shows are another great way to enjoy Sin City on a budget.

4. Gambling classes

Learn how to play table games before you actually play. There are some serious gamblers here and you don’t want to disrupt their mojo by asking stupid questions. Many casinos have classes about it so check that out first. There are also some great websites that will teach you how to play in a live table game. This is the time to listen to what your mother told you…practice, practice, practice.

5. Buy Las Vegas show tickets early

Look online before you come to Vegas for any discounts on shows. There are sometimes online discounts. It pays to plan ahead.

6. Carry water when walking

We’re in the desert people. Don’t forget to carry water if you plan on walking the Strip. Remember it might look like a casino is close enough to walk to but you might find the walk to be much longer than it looks. You can dehydrate quickly so take a bottle of water with you…and remember alcohol does not hydrate you!

7. Dress for the weather

Our summer weather can reach 115 degrees (don’t forget there is minimal humidity) so dress for the heat in the summer. However, our winters can get rather chilly. It’s not like we get blizzards but combine lower temperatures with wind and you will definitely wish you have a jacket, at the least, in the winter months. Click here for current Vegas weather.

8. Wear comfortable shoes

Don’t get me wrong I love heels, and I do mean high ones. If I know I’m going to the Strip I make sure I’m wearing my most comfortable ones. If heels are out of the question for you just make sure your shoes are easy and comfortable to walk in.

9. Crossing the street

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Look both ways and wait for the sign to light up that says “WALK”, right? It’s amazing how many people do not abide by this. Pedestrians have been hit by cars on numerous occasions. Most of the main intersections have walkways above the street. USE THEM. Don’t even think about jaywalking. It’s dangerous and you will get a ticket for it.

10. Carry plenty of change

Since you are going to be tipping many different people you want to make sure you have plenty of one dollar bills. Yes, you must tip (see #1) but you don’t need to tip twenty dollars for something because you don’t have the correct change.

Do you have more Las Vegas tourist tips? Let us know your best tips by commenting below.

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