7 Top Security Considerations When Exhibiting at Jewelry Trade Shows

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If you exhibit at jewelry trade shows then there are some top security considerations that you need to think about. Evaluate your insurance coverage for this type of event on a regular basis to make sure you are covered if anything happens. You should also be aware of the top exhibit tips on safety before, during, and after these events.

Always plan ahead and avoid publicizing your route of travel to a lot of people, so there is less risk of being robbed or worse on your way to and from the show. Any jewelry items that you will be displaying or selling should always be kept in your possession to prevent them from being lost or stolen. If you can arrange for vendor shipping then this is even better.

Jewelry Trade ShowsDuring the trade show, you should always make sure that any items you have are stored securely in a safe or vault if overnight storage is needed, in order to keep these products safe. The lodgings that you use should offer the highest level of security and the most advanced security features, and this should include lights and cameras in the parking lot of the hotel.

1. Evaluate Your Insurance Coverage for Jewelry Trade Shows

Exhibiting at jewelry trade shows can help you improve your sales and market share. But you should always make sure that your insurance coverage will protect you for these events and the venues that are being used. A quick call to the agent who handles your policy can give you peace of mind or show any coverage lapses that need to be addressed.

2. Do Your Homework and Know the Exhibit Tips on Safety

Go online and look at some of the exhibit tips on safety so you can make sure you follow all of the precautions and warnings when you attend jewelry trade shows. There are some criminals who may target trade shows with jewelry because of the items that are shown or available for sale. However, when you are aware of your risks you can mitigate them and avoid problems.

3. Plan Ahead and Keep Your Travel Route Low Key

Always plan ahead for jewelry trade shows, creating a travel plan and keeping your routes low key and discreet. Let trusted family or associates know your travel plans and routes but keep this quiet from others.

4. Always Keep Jewelry Items in Your Possession at all Times

Some of the most helpful exhibit tips for this type of event will cover the fact that you should never let jewelry items out of your possession. Keep them in a locked case and make sure this stays with you at all times. This will prevent any theft or replacement of real gems with fakes while you are not around, and keep your property safe and secure.

5. Arrange to Have Products Shipped by the Vendor Whenever Possible

Discuss shipping options with any vendors that you use before you exhibit at jewelry trade shows, to see if it would be possible to arrange for shipping of products that are sold during the event instead of having to take these items with you.

6. Store Jewelry in a Safe, Vault, or Other Secured Area if Overnight Storage is Needed

Some jewelry trade shows will have safe or vault facilities that can be used by exhibitors, others do not offer this feature. If you must store your jewelry overnight then make sure it is placed in a highly secure area such as a vault or safe.

7. Choose Lodgings that Offer High Security

Jewelry Trade Show Security CameraMany exhibit tips discuss the lodgings used by jewelry show attendees, and it is very important that the place you choose to stay offers a lot of security and safety. There have been some cases of robbery in hotel parking lots, and also thefts of jewelry items from locked hotel rooms. Check for security cameras in halls, parking lots, and public areas of your hotel.

If you are planning to exhibit at a jewelry trade show check with the Design Factory for your trade show exhibits and more security tips.

What other safety tips for jewelry trade shows can you offer to others? What security measures do you take when you attend one of these events?

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