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The Top 5 Trade Show Exhibit Rental Types

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If you are interested in a trade show exhibit rental for your convention booth or show space then the type chosen can make a big difference in the results that you get. There are a number of popular types that fit well in many situations and spaces. An island option will give you complete accessibility and allow more displays in some cases.

In line exhibits and tabletop choices may fit well with almost any floor location and many different booth sizes. Workstation displays can help visitors access materials and increase your storage capabilities. Towers and lighted trade show exhibit rental displays with graphics may draw in more visitors and help improve your brand and company reputation in your industry.

1. Island Trade Show Exhibit Rental

An island trade show exhibit rental is ideally situated if you have space in the center of the floor or an area that can be accessed from 360 degrees. Visitors can get to your materials from any direction and you can place stands around the island without limitation in most cases. This may not be the best choice if one side of your booth is placed against a wall though.

2. In Line Exhibits

trade show exhibit rentalIn line picks are one of the most common types of trade show exhibit rental chosen. This option allows you to utilize larger backdrops and more extensive signage with your convention booth. With this type of display it is normally possible to extend the length of the booth to add further components if this is needed. You will also find different lighting options to choose from.

3. Tabletop Convention Booth Exhibits

Tabletop exhibits for your convention booth can be an excellent choice in many situations. These displays can be added to any table and help increase your brand and product recognition. The cost for this type of trade show exhibit rental can vary considerably, depending on the size and other features that are desired.

This type of display can be placed almost anywhere that there is a table, and you can choose from many logo options, color schemes, and sizes. This can allow you to get the perfect display for your marketing plan and product type.

4. Workstation and Kiosk Displays

A workstation  or kiosk trade show exhibit rental gives you the ability to include a number of display components in your branding. Video monitors, touchscreen elements, and even space used as a tabletop can all be included in any workstation with the right feature selection.  You can include a product demonstration, provide materials, and increase your visitor appeal at the same time.

5. Towers can Add a Lot to Any Exhibit

Adding one or more towers to a convention booth can increase storage and display room while adding convenience to your visitors. You can place a variety of materials on the tower so visitors can take what they want quickly and without any inconvenience. You can even add videos and signs to a tower to increase the effectiveness that you get from this single element.

What trade show exhibit rental designs and features have you used in the past and which types worked best for your company and products?

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