Amy Winehouse Death–Tragedy Awaited

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Today’s headline news of the tragic death of Amy Winehouse brings to light the finality of addiction. Although reports so far are only saying that her death is “unexplained” an overdose is most certainly what is coming to most people’s mind.

Mother of Amy Winehouse Predicted an Early End to her Life

In 2008 Amy’s own mother predicted her death. She even spoke with her about what type of funeral arrangements she would like. It seemed inevitable.

Her talent was interrupted years ago when her addiction to drugs reared its angry head. Her parents suggested that it all began with her ex-husband. Although it is easy to place blame on others the addictive personality still does leave room for saying “no.”

Amy Winehouse’s death will be all over the news soon. But what about all the countless addicts who go unrecognized? Their addictions are just as tragic. Just as sad. Families are destroyed. Young lives are cut short.

Amy Winehouse Appeared at Goddaughter’s Performance Last Night

Last night Amy made an appearance at her goddaughter’s performance. Reports vary on how she looked and behaved. Her recent Serbia concert was a total flop and the concert series was cancelled. Questions will be asked with no real answers. Sure there will eventually be an autopsy that will define the cause of death but it goes so much deeper than that.

How do we learn from this tragedy? Is there a lesson to be learned? The saddest part is that the addicts in the world will probably not learn anything from this. Their addiction overpowers any logical thought.

You may not have liked the music of Amy Winehouse but that girl had talent. If you were a fan you are most certainly mourning. Addictions of all sorts are part of our society today. Overcoming them are personal choices…and not easy ones.

Amy Winehouse Death Pool

Maybe I am living in the dark ages but I had no idea that there was any such thing as a “death pool.” But apparently bets have been placed over the years over Amy’s demise. Hearsay is the odds were not too high. Imagine that!

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