Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit

Top 10 Reasons to go to Las Vegas Trade Shows and Conventions

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Las Vegas trade shows and conventions play host to millions of visitors a year. Although we all know just how fantastic Vegas is for fun and entertainment, it’s mostly business when it comes to attendees of trade shows.

10 great reasons to attend Las Vegas Trade Shows

1. Networking and Meeting new People

You’ll be hard pressed to find such a large gathering of people in your industry than at a Las Vegas convention or trade show. You are bound to meet new potential clients and vendors.

2. Get up to date on new Products and new Trends

Emerging trends are often noticed. Take special note of these for the future. You don’t want to miss the boat and be behind the times. Exciting new products are often saved to present at conventions.

3. Keynote Speakers

Las Vegas tradeshows and conventions are known for the great speakers they get. The Recon Retail Real Estate convention in Las Vegas this May has Howard Schultz, CEO and President of Starbucks Coffee as a keynote speaker. Also in the lineup will be General Wesley Clark the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander.

4. Free Stuff at Trade Show Exhibits

The loot you can find at trade show exhibits is incredible. I’ve racked up bags full of fun toys and items…not to mention enough pens to supply a small army. My Grandkids have spent many days playing with a bag full of goodies.

5. Make or Seal a Deal

Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit

Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit by the Design Factory

If you are on the brink of closing a deal this could be the place to finalize it. Face to face contact still beats email and phone calls. Making new deals happen can easily be accomplished too.

6. Raffles and Door Prizes

It’s amazing what some large conventions give away in their raffles. I’ve seen boats, jewelry, and all expenses paid trips given away. The ICAST 2011 Sport Fishing Trade Show is giving away a trip for two to Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica.

7. Spying on your Competition

That’s right! It never hurts to know just what you are up against. Playing detective can help tell you what you should and shouldn’t do in your marketing strategy and product initiatives.

8. Seminars, Continuing Education, and Workshops

Many conventions offer multiple seminars and classes where continuing education credits can be earned. Workshops at Las Vegas trade shows offer demonstrations of new products and give some great info on how you can incorporate them into your business to boost sales.

9. Invigorate Employees

Sometimes office staff just doesn’t get a chance to get out of their cubbyholes and become bored and lackadaisical. Las Vegas trade shows and conventions are a great way to get them out and about and get those creative juices flowing again.

10. Get items on Sale

When purchasing straight from the manufacturer you can get some outstanding deals. You may have to buy in volume. But sometimes quantities for a deal are for only buying just a dozen or so. This can well pay off…especially if you can purchase in different colors or sizes. Slow moving merchandise can often be purchased at extreme discounts.

What’s your favorite reason for going to Las Vegas trade shows and conventions?


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