Las Vegas Trade Shows

5 Great Survival Tips for Las Vegas Trade Shows

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Surviving Las Vegas trade shows can seem like a challenge but it is not as hard as most people think when you have great tips to help. Whether you are a vendor or a visitor, it is a good idea to hold off on partying until after the show has ended. It is also important to take time to relax each day because these events can quickly become hectic and will leave you exhausted at times.

Preparation is key to any event and trade shows are no different, so make sure you have everything needed before you head out to the event. Remember to eat on a regular basis and stay hydrated so you have more energy and can go longer before having to leave. Comfortable clothes and shoes are also critical, especially for visitors who may walk a considerable distance.

1. Preparation is Critical with Las Vegas Trade Shows

Las Vegas Trade Shows

Las Vegas Trade Shows | Exhibit by the Design Factory

A common mistake made with Las Vegas trade shows is not preparing far in advance. Event materials are sent out far ahead of time and these may contain savings and discounts that are only valid for a specific time. Waiting until you reach Las Vegas to go over these materials or prepare for the event is a bad move that could be costly for you.

When packing for the show you will attend, make sure that you include everything you could possibly need. If you are a vendor then pens, paper, paper clips, stapler and staples, and other items may come in handy during the show. Visitors should be aware of the event activities so they can dress and prepare accordingly.

2. Take Time to Relax

Las Vegas trade shows can be exciting to attend or show what you have to offer, Make sure that you give yourself some time to relax and unwind each day though so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed. It is a good idea to arrive a day ahead of schedule so you can rest and recover from your travels, and spend at least 30 minutes a day relaxing in some way.

3. Leave the Partying for After the Trade Show

Spending the night before any Las Vegas trade shows drinking and partying is a bad idea. This is true whether you are a vendor or potential client for the vendors. Partying will leave you feeling tired and possibly hung over, and this is never a good state to start one of these events off. Save the party for after the show is finished so you feel fine and are ready to go during the event.

4. Stay Hydrated and Remember to Eat

A big mistake when working or going to Las Vegas trade shows is failing to stay hydrated or not eating appropriately. Either of these factors can cause a lack of energy, and even medical problems in some cases. Make sure you eat every few hours, and stay hydrated by sipping water or other non-caffeinated beverages through the day.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

If you plan on attending Las Vegas trade shows or working as a vendor at these events then comfort can be critical. Your shoes are important because you may be standing or walking all day long. Clothing is also important and should be loose and comfortable. Restricting clothing items or uncomfortable shoes may cause you to leave early because you are uncomfortable.

What other helpful tips can you offer people for surviving Las Vegas trade shows?

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