6 Great Tips to Make Printing for Conventions Less Stressful

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Printing for conventions can be incredibly stressful. However, there are some tips that can help you get the job done right and keep your stress levels manageable at the same time. You have enough on your plate without adding extra hassles or making things harder on yourself. So use these tips to do things the easy way instead.

Let’s relieve some stress!

Printing for Conventions

  • Order your materials as far in advance as possible so that there are no unexpected delays that leave you high and dry just when you need the items you ordered the most.
  • Discuss your needs and goals with an experienced digital printer to see what your options are and how you can get the results you want while sticking to the budget that you have set.
  • Create a checklist of all the printed materials and display items that you will need before the convention starts, and then check these off one at a time as you do them.
  • Only use printing companies that are reputable and that have plenty of experience in the types of orders that you will be placing. Otherwise, you may not get the results that you are hoping for.
  • Schedule the delivery of the materials and items that you need well in advance of the actual convention date, so that you can relax knowing you will have what you need when the time comes.
  • Always insist on seeing a proof before the actual printing process starts, so that you can verify everything is perfect and approve the final stage of the process.

1. Order Printing for Conventions as Early as Possible

Waiting until the last possible minute to order your printing for conventions is a big mistake. It can also be a costly one as well. If you need a fast turnaround time and the process is rushed then you could end up making mistakes, and you may need to pay for rush or expedited processing and shipping if this is even possible.

Many mom and pop printing companies have limited hours of service. Choosing a company that is experienced in printing for conventions and is open 24/7 will help you have your material delivered and completed on time.

Las Vegas Color Graphics, a printing company based in Las Vegas, has “quick turnaround times and capabilities suited to serve the needs of large and small exhibitors.”

2. Consult a Digital Printer to See About Possible Cost Savings

In many cases, a digital printer can be less expensive than offset options. When you are printing for conventions this can be a big factor because of the sheer volume of material that you may need to have on hand. Discuss your budget and needs with a professional to find out what your options are.

Less setup and maintenance (no films/plates) results in cheaper pricing and quicker turns.

Source: DeliciousDesign.com

3. Keep a Checklist of All the Materials You Need to Order

A checklist of all the printing for conventions that you need can be very helpful. You can even provide a copy to the digital printer that you are using in order to make sure you do not forget anything. When an item on the list is done, you can check it off, and quickly see exactly where you are and what still needs to be done.

Convention Printing Checklist

4. Use a Reputable Printing Company with Experience

Your printing for conventions need to be top quality, and you are unlikely to get this from a new business or a printer that does not have convention experience. There are many common mistakes that can be made, and new companies in this industry are more likely to make these errors or deliver less than perfect results.

5. Schedule Delivery Well In Advance of the Event

Make sure that you schedule the delivery of your printing for conventions far in advance of the actual event; so that you know you will have these materials and not be panicking at the last minute when they haven’t arrived yet.

Using a local printer, in the city where your convention is, often proves to be quite handy if you need more materials or last minute changes. Many printers will deliver to the convention center where you are exhibiting.

Convention Scheduling

6. Always Proof before Printing

A great thing about using a digital printer is that you can proof before printing for very little cost, and the proofs are available very quickly. This is not the case with offset printing, and if you do not proof then you are responsible for any mistakes in the final items.

Following the above advice will have you well on your way to making your next convention or trade show less stressful and more of a success.

What tips about printing for conventions can you share with others?

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