Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Banner Printing Services

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There are many times when banner printing services may be needed, and these are commonly seen with trade show exhibits, special events, and other occasions and locations. There are a number of frequently asked questions about these services that need to be answered so that you can determine whether they are right for you or not.

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When are Banner Printing Services Needed?

There are many times when banner printing services may be needed. These can be used to announce sales, grand openings, special events like birthdays and family reunions, and even to attract visitors to your booth during a trade show or convention. The variety of materials, messages, and sizes mean that banners can be printed up to announce just about anything today.

Why Are Banners a Good Idea for Trade Show Exhibits?

Banners work very well for trade show exhibits because they are larger than many other types of signage and they can be highly visible and easily read from a distance. When these factors are combined with bold colors and large format printing, the results can be spectacular, and banners help draw in more potential customers at trade shows and conventions.

Adding a larger text size with your banner printing order will increase the visibility of your message and help get your brand out there far more effectively.

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How Much Will These Services Cost Me?

The cost for banner printing services may be different in each case. The final price that you pay will depend on numerous factors. These include the type of paper stock that is used, the inks and colors chosen, the overall size, any special techniques or materials involved, and even the printer that is chosen to provide the services that you want.

What Banner Sizes Can be Printed?

There are many different standard banner sizes available, and some are ideal for trade show exhibits while others may be too large or two small. Sizes start out at two feet by four feet or smaller, and will usually go up to at least five feet by twenty feet. It is also possible to custom order a specific size that may not be considered standard although this may be more expensive.

What types of Substrates can be Used?

Vinyl banners are a common surface used in banner printing. It is sturdy and generally hemmed on the sides to give it additional strength against any inclement weather. Woven polyester fabric can also be used for banners. Paper can also be laminated to make it tough enough to be used.

Are There Any Restrictions on Graphics or Colors?

When you discuss your banner printing services with the printing company that will fulfill your order it is important to discuss the graphics, font sizes and choices, and colors that you want to use. Some printers may require specific file types in order to color match perfectly, others may need a certain file type to ensure high quality images.

For large graphics on a billboard or a drape, you can probably get away with less than 120 dpi. If there’s fine work or small writing (up to 27 pt) you’ll need higher than 300 dpi.


Do I Need to Look for a Large Format Printer if I Want Banners?

Most printers will offer banner printing services, and some may provide large format printing on a regular basis. If you have any concerns then discuss them with your professional printer to make sure they can handle the job and give you the best possible quality. If you are not positive that your printer can do it perfectly then you may want to evaluate other printers instead.

How Many Printers Should I Compare?

Whether you need banner printing services for trade show exhibits or to advertise the Grand Opening of your latest company location it is a good idea to compare several different printers unless you already have a well-established relationship with a specific printing company. Compare a minimum of 3 printers, asking each the same questions and requesting banner samples to evaluate.

How Can I Guarantee Banner Quality?

When you order banner printing services, you want to make sure that the finished items are top quality, but how can you guarantee this result? Ask the printing company about any quality guarantee that may be offered, and what the company will do to make it right if you are not fully satisfied with the banners that are delivered to you for any reason.

Once you have the answers that you need it will be possible to decide whether you need to have one or more banners printed up. These marketing items can have a big impact when they are properly designed and involve high quality.

What other important questions about banner printing services can you help answer?

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