Banner Printing Questions You May Need Answered

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From conventions and trade shows to retail stores and restaurants, banner advertising is a big way to broadcast products and promotions. Marketing messages are large and clear with banner printing provided by an experienced large format printer.

Banner Printing

When it comes to banner printing, there may be a number of questions that you need answered. You may wonder about everything from the necessity of using a large format printer to the cost that you will incur for this type of project. Let’s take a look at some common questions.

What is color matching?

Color matching can be important at times, and whether or not the printing company you choose is a large format printer you may not get this feature guaranteed at times. Color matching involves producing printed materials whose colors exactly match the digital proof that was approved by the client. The colors involved may be slightly off if color matching is not provided.

When is color matching necessary?

If the marketing banner will contain your company logo or other details that must match the chosen colors exactly then even a slight variation may be unacceptable. Some printers may not be able to guarantee an exact match because there may be some discrepancies between the computer program and printing presses.

Color choices are important with signage design. Scientific research has been performed on how certain colors cause certain responses in people, such as red seeming angry and blue being seen as sad.

Source: Las Vegas Color Graphics

What if my printer cannot guarantee color matching?

If you need banner printing with guaranteed color matching and your printer can not do this then you have two choices. You can discuss your needs with your printer and ask for color swatches that the company can guarantee. Option number two is to find another printer who will guarantee an exact color match.

Is a large format printer needed for banners?

One of the most common questions when it comes to banners is whether a large format printer is actually needed. This depends, and the answer may be different in each case. If you hope to get a perfect banner that is very large and over-sized then a printer who has a lot of experience with large format orders may be the best choice.

Why use banners for your display or exhibit?

The cost of banner printing is usually a smart investment because of all the exposure and benefits that this type of item can bring. These items are usually large and very visible, helping people find your exhibit and drawing in bigger crowds.

How much does banner printing cost?

The cost that you will pay for banner printing can vary by a large amount, and the actual price charged will reflect all of the order details and parameters. Changing the substrate, size, graphics, paper stock, inks, adding or eliminating special techniques, and other factors will be reflected in the final price that a printer charges to produce banners that meet your specifications.

New advancements are constantly on the horizon, and outdoor banners work best when the substrate manufacturer and printer technologies are compatible.


How can I save money and still get great quality?

Banner printing with great results is possible, but only when you can balance these two aspects. There are ways to cut costs without affecting the final quality of your banner. You could choose a smaller size, compare prices from several reputable printers, or even go for a less expensive substrate that still offers good durability and an attractive appearance.

Does it matter which printer I hire to print my banners?

The printer that is chosen to handle banner printing for you can make a big difference in the outcome that you get. There may be cheap printing businesses with rock bottom prices, but you could be missing great support and a guaranteed level of quality in order to get a lower price from these businesses.

What is the Best Banner Size to Use?

The right size banner will depend on each individual and each situation. If your budget and the event venue allows then a larger size can be more impressive, but also more expensive. Consider your budget, available space, and marketing objectives before you decide on a final banner size.

What other banner printing questions need to be answered that you can help with?

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