Pros and Cons of Renting Trade Show Booths and Exhibits

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Renting trade show booths has become an extremely popular way of exhibiting at trade shows and conventions. But like with anything, there are two sides of the story. We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of renting trade show booths.

Renting Trade Show Booths – The Pros and Cons

Pro: Renting Trade Show Booths Will Have a Lower Initial Cost

Renting trade show booths will be less expensive up front, because you are only paying to use the items for a short time period. You could end up spending a fraction of what it would cost to purchase a new booth for your exhibition needs. This can be very beneficial, especially if your company is smaller or you have a very limited budget.

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Pro: Rental Exhibits Do Not Require Storage in Between Shows

If you rent exhibits and displays then you can save on storage costs, because you will not need to pay to store these items in between shows when they are not being used for your company purposes. Storage costs can add up fairly quickly, especially if you only use these items once or twice a year, Renting eliminates storage costs and keeps your expenses lower.

Pro: Renting Allows You to Get a New Booth Size or Configuration for Each Event

When you are renting trade show booths, you can change the size or layout configuration of your displays for each show that you attend as a vendor. Changing these factors can help you get a new booth appearance and feel every time, so you have a fresh look for every event and potential customers are more likely to stop by.

Pro: Renting Means No Replacement Costs

When you choose renting trade show booths instead of buying you will never have to pay replacement costs because a display item is dated or worn out. These costs can be high at times. However, when you rent this is not an issue. You will always get a display that is attractive and that is in good condition from the rental company. Prevent expansion and replacement costs from the start.

Pro: You Will Never Need to Make Repairs to Your Display

IF you decide to rent instead of buy, one of the best pros is that you will never need to make repairs to your booth or exhibits. Usually the company that rents these items to you will handle any necessary repairs or replace the item with a new version at no cost. Read the contract carefully so you know who is responsible for what before you sign anything.

Pro: Set Up and Tear Down May be Included in the Rental Cost

When you consider renting trade show booths find out whether the rental company will handle any needed set up and tear down. You may be able to negotiate so that these are included in the total rental cost that you will pay.

Pro: Use Different Graphics Every Time

Renting exhibits can help you use different graphics or make changes to the images and messages that you are using, without the added expense of buying these every time you want to make even minor changes. Give you booth a brand new look for every show, with current graphics and the most effective visuals possible.

Con: If You Attend Many Shows Each Year Renting can be More Expensive Than Buying

Before you plan on renting trade show booths consider how many shows you will actually attend as a vendor each year. If you plan on attending a large number of events then renting could end up costing you more than purchasing the same items outright. If you will use the booth frequently, then make the investment and buy your displays.

One issue that many companies ponder is whether they should buy or rent their booths and banner stands. The best answer to that is if you plan to attend more than three events a year, it is probably better to buy your own trade show booths and banner stands.


Con: Booth Rentals Still Involve Transportation Costs

A common misconception is that renting trade show booths will cut out any transport costs but this is not necessarily true. Most rental companies will still charge a fee to transport the chosen booth and display items to the show venue, and then back to the storage facility of the rental company.

Con: Rental Units and Displays May Require More Time to Set Up

If you are renting your exhibits and you do not want to pay for professional set up services then it may take longer for this step because you are not familiar with the components. When you own the items you get familiar with them and can put them together faster.

Con: Rental Booths are Typically Previously Used

When you decide on renting trade show booths be prepared for components and items which are not in mint condition. These have normally been used before, by other companies who rented the same pieces in the past. Expect some minor wear and tear.

What other pros or cons can you think of when it comes to renting trade show booths?

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