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Ready for this Friday’s Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show? Friday, July 18th tune in your radio to KLAV 1230AM or stream it live here at 4:00pm Pacific Time. You don’t want to miss the show this week!

Show hosts Frank Spady and Leonard C. Wright welcome Lester Keizer and Tiffany Kelly of Business Continuity Technologies. Our usual salute to Veterans with Shad Meshad, founder of the National Veterans Foundation, will include Tony Baca of Hathaway Homes Group.

Lester Keizer — CEO of Business Continuity Technologies

Lester KeizerLester Keizer has over 30 years of executive responsibilities and business development skills. Prior to his current role for Business Continuity Technologies, Lester was CEO for Ron Cook’s Connecting Point, a 28-year-old VAR in Las Vegas. He oversaw the transformation of Connecting Point from a product centric company to a technology service centric organization.

He has excelled in developing technology solutions to numerous lines of businesses. Lester was instrumental in the development and management of Crossroads of Antigua, a world-class Drug and Substance Abuse Rehab Hospital. This was through a joint venture with rock star Eric Clapton.

Tiffany Kelly — Vice-President of Digital Media Services and Google Education for Business Continuity Technologies

Joining Lester Keizer is Tiffany Kelly. She has over 25 years of Silicon Valley experience. While serving as Chief of Staff for Jeff Bezos at Amazon.com she participated in the transition of Amazon to a global marketplace with extensive growth.

Tiffany saw first hand the forerunner of the development of the flat screen TV while working with Phillips in collaboration of LG. Her voice was the first voice on the internet in the startup development of the video streaming protocol that is currently the foundation of today’s video applications like You Tube.

Tony Baca joins Shad Meshad, founder of the National Veterans Foundation

Tony Baca, of Hathaway Homes Group LLC in Williston, South Dakota, is a staunch supporter of Veterans. He will be joining Shad Meshad, the found of the National Veterans Foundation (NVF). Shad is a weekly guest on the Las Vegas International Press Club Radio Show. Tony will join him to talk about helping Veterans.

Donate National Veterans FoundationThe National Veterans Foundation is a well-known non-profit organization that helps Veterans through the maze of returning from service and VA benefits. Shad Meshad is nationally known for his work with Veterans with PTSD and TBI.

NVF needs donations to continue their extremely important work. Please contact corporations for donations and donate what you can to help. Click here or the button to the left to donate.

Don’t forget to listen to our show with our great guests Lester Keizer, Tiffany Kelly, Tony Baca, and Shad Meshad!

UPDATE: The show is over but you can listen to the complete show by clicking the media player below.


Lester Keizer Press Club Radio

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