13 Las Vegas Convention Printing Tips for Exhibitors

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Las Vegas is convention headquarters of the world. With over 22,000 conventions last year, it pays to know about Las Vegas convention printing. If you are planning on a trade show exhibit in Vegas, using a local printer can save you lots of headaches. You will save on shipping and feel secure that if you forgot anything your printer is just a few miles away.

Las Vegas Convention Printing

Lucky 13 Las Vegas Convention Printing Tips

  1. Before you can order any Las Vegas convention printing you need to know what this order will include. If this is your very first event then you will need everything that you will use or hand out during the convention. If you are an experienced exhibitor then you will need to look at your current inventory to determine what you have in stock and what you are lacking.
  1. The digital printer that you choose can make or break you, so make sure that you choose wisely. It is best if you can find a reputable printer who has been in business for many years and then build up a long-term relationship with this company. If you do not already have a trusted printer evaluate at least three or four companies, comparing costs, quality, reputation, and results.
  1. Do not wait to order the Las Vegas convention printing that will be needed for events in the next 6-12 months. Conventions can be very busy times for a printing business, and if you wait too long you could end up paying extra for a rush job, having to choose another printer, or even being without the promotional materials that you will need when the event starts.
  1. Order event invitations from the digital printer that you have chosen. Conventions will provide generic invitations but these are not personalized for your business and marketing strategy. Order your own invitations and send these out to clients and consumers along with the invite from the convention organizers to get the best possible results.
  1. Think about what the other exhibitors will be doing, and then order Las Vegas convention printing that will set your exhibit apart. Get creative and think outside of the box, so that your materials and displays will not be confused with those of your competitors.
  1. Don’t forget booth displays when you are ordering Las Vegas convention printing. Posters, flyers, informational boards, and other display items can help to make your exhibit stand out. You can order printed signs, banners, oversized posters, and many other items that can help guide visitors and draw them to your area of the convention floor.
  1. The best digital printer is never one that is chosen based on price alone. A company with decades of experience in this industry will usually charge more because they can deliver top quality results and extensive knowledge on a consistent basis. Remember that you will normally get what you pay for, so don’t try to minimize costs with an inexperienced printer.

    Las Vegas Color Graphics

    Las Vegas Color Graphics facility, a trusted Las Vegas convention printer in business for over 30 years.

  1. Take advantage of Las Vegas convention printing to brand everything possible in your exhibit and promotional materials. Put your company name or logo on the items that you will be handing out to visitors. Sure, this will cost you a little more but the end results can be well worth it, and you will usually see your brand recognition and sales increase.
  1. Ask if the digital printer can provide design services. Many people do not take advantage of professional design and this can be a costly mistake. The marketing materials that you use will reflect on your business and your brand, so make sure these are exceptional in every way.
  1. If you will be attending several events in the next year or two then order Las Vegas convention printing in bulk so that you pay a lower price per item. You can order certain marketing materials and promotional items to use for several events, and a bulk order helps ensure that you do not run out while lowering your expenses.
  1. Always go over the proofs provided by the digital printer carefully. Asking for a hard proof is the best way to go but this can cost extra. If your budget does not allow for a hard proof that gives you a physical copy make sure you examine every element of the digital proof carefully to make sure everything is correct before the printing process starts. convention-printing
  1. Find out what files are accepted by the printer before you order any Las Vegas convention printing. Each printing company will have certain types of image and text files that are preferred, and if you do not use these file types then this can cause delays while files are converted. In some cases this can also affect the final color and appearance of your materials.
  1. Sometimes rush orders are necessary for Las Vegas convention printing, even when you plan ahead and are highly organized. If you suddenly need materials in an emergency, you should have a list of standby printers handy, just in case your usual printing company cannot deliver. The businesses on your standby list should already be evaluated.

What other Las Vegas convention printing tips and secrets can you share?

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