Are Your Brochures for Conventions as Good as they can Be?

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In Las Vegas alone, 5,107,416 people attended conventions in 2013. You can bet that the vast majority of these people received some kind of marketing material from the many trade show exhibits. Brochures for conventions need to be exceptional to stand out from the bag full of materials and goodies that attendees walk away with.

If your brochures for conventions are ho hum or they do not get exceptional results then your trade show marketing will not give you the desired impact, and you could be wasting money instead of boosting sales and brand recognition. You need top quality items that resonate and attract attention, items that are attractive and engaging both so that they are noticed and picked up quickly.

Folding Options with Brochures for Conventions

One big consideration with brochures for conventions are the folding options that you have. Do you picture a bi-fold, tri-fold, or another folding option instead? This may seem like a small detail but even the smallest factor can affect the impact that your company has on trade show attendees. Evaluate the different folding choices that you have and decide which showcases your products best.

Different types of brochure folds include:

  • Half-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Accordion fold
  • 8-panel roll fold
  • Z fold
  • Single gate fold
  • Die-cut fold

Brochures for Conventions

Color Selection for Trade Show Marketing

Color selection is vital for good trade show marketing results, and there is an entire subcategory of psychology that looks at colors and the effects that different shades have on consumers. Dark blues can cause sadness or depression while certain pastels tend to lighten the mood and create positive thoughts in the individual. Select your colors with psychology in mind for better responses.

Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Brand recognition directly links to consumer confidence.


Did You Leave Some White Space?

If you are designing brochures for conventions then it is important to leave some blank space. You may want to put as much information as possible in your items but this can be a mistake. White space adds contrast and makes all of the elements stand out better. If you try to cram too much into your brochure, it will end up looking crowded and unprofessional. It is okay to have small areas of blank space.

When compared with projects that lack whitespace, those with it will win every time.


Do You Have the Right Images and Resolutions?

If you are going to go to all of the expense and trouble for trade show marketing, then make sure that you have the right image resolution and image choices for your target audience. Don’t try to stretch out a low resolution image. If you must have that specific set of graphics then pay to have the resolution changed to the proper one before you start the printing process.

Using images is crucial to nearly every single brochure. However, make sure you have all the legal rights you need to use the images. A $10 image can easily cost you thousands of dollars in fines if you do not own the rights to the property.

Are Your Sections of Text Small and Manageable?

You need small amounts of text when you are creating brochures for conventions, but large blocks of words will turn off many brochure recipients. Keep your text to small blocks, with 3-4 lines maximum. Less can be more when the words and messages used are strong and compelling, and large blocks of text can be both boring and intimidating to many trade show attendees.

How Well Do You Know Your Targeted Audience?

Before you can design exceptional brochures for conventions, you have to know your targeted audience inside and out, so that you can deliver on what this audience wants or is looking for. If you have not researched your targeted demographics then now is a good time to start. This will help you design brochures that are more effective.

Do You Have the Best Printer for the Job?

Even the very best brochures for conventions will not get the job done if you do not have the right printer for the job. Does your current printer deliver the highest possible quality every time? Does your order look great and have an affordable price? If either answer is no then you may want to look at other printers in your local area to see if you can get better results from someone else.

Are You Using Any Specialized Techniques?

Trade show marketing is used to help set you apart from your competition at a convention, and there are many specialized techniques that can add pop and pizzazz to your materials. You can pick foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, and other techniques to make your items one of a kind. If you are just using text and generic images, you will fade into the background at the event instead.

Should You Seek Professional Guidance?

If you want the best possible brochures for conventions in every way then you may need professional assistance. If you do not have graphic design experience and expertise then a professional should be brought in to make sure that your materials have the right elements and the pop that you are hoping for. Now is not the time to try and DIY in order to save a little money.

What could you do to make your brochures for conventions better?

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