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An Easy to Use Guide to Trade Show Marketing that Works

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Trade show marketing can make or break any business on the convention floor, and a variety of materials and techniques including large format printing can be used to advertise and market a company of any size. Sometimes simple still works best as long as it is executed flawlessly, and many people feel overwhelmed in this area when this is not necessary.

Don’t Over Complicate Your Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Don’t make your trade show marketing strategy more complicated than it needs to be. You do not have to reinvent the exhibit booth and marketing materials, just find ways to make them unique and help your company stand out on the trade show floor so that you get the visitors and customer conversions that you are looking for.

Use Large Format Printing for Signs that are Easy to See and Read

Take advantage of the visibility benefits that large format printing can add to signs on the event floor. You want to attract people from across the room and a larger format on your signage can help you do this quickly and effectively. The only caution is to make sure that these signs are easy to read, with text that is crisp and clear to those who see it at any distance.

trade show marketing

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Giveaways Are Extremely Popular

Giveaways are a staple of trade show marketing because everyone loves to get something for free. When you offer something that has value to consumers this can help build up trust and keep your business or products up front. When the consumer needs something that you can offer then they will be more likely to remember you.

Stress the Limited Nature of Any Freebies or Discounts

One of the goals of trade show marketing is to attract visitors at the event, and one of the best ways to do this is to stress the limited nature of any discounts or freebies that you are giving out. This gives show visitors an incentive to visit your booth quickly, rather than waiting until the last hour of the last day of the show to stop by.

Know Who You Are Targeting

When you start planning your trade show marketing, make sure that you understand what groups you are targeting, and find out everything possible about these groups. When you understand the population you want to attract then this will be much easier to do. Do some research and you will get better results from an event.

A business image that is considered honest, and a reputation for being an expert in your industry, should be conveyed by the signs and displays that you use.

Put a Deadline in Place

Deadlines are like large format printing, both can be very helpful at a trade show or convention. Set deadlines for any discounts, prizes, and giveaways so that people come and see you as soon as possible. When you do not set a deadline, you may have a few visitors stopping by the first part of the day but you will not draw the largest crowds possible.

Get Creative and Step Outside the Box

It is important to get creative and step outside the box with your trade show marketing efforts and materials. You are trying to compete with many other companies who may offer similar products or services, so you need to be unique and innovative. Shake things up and do something different, you may get very unexpected results.

Branding, Branding, Branding

With trade shows and conventions, branding is key, and your brand or logo should be on everything possible to help keep your company and your products in the public eye. From your exhibit banners and displays to your marketing materials, even your promotional items to give away should include your brand in a spot that is very visible.

Have Plenty of Useful Promotional Items on Hand

Promotional items that you give away should be useful so the recipient keeps it, and while you may not use large format printing on a small promotional item, you should include your company name or brand somewhere on these items. Make sure to order plenty of promotional items for an event because these usually go faster than expected and you do not want to get caught short in the middle of the event.

Social Media is Free to Use and Effective When Properly Utilized

Using social media as part of your trade show marketing efforts can be a great idea. Social media is free to use, it can be highly effective when properly utilized, and you can engage visitors on another level.

What simple trade show marketing tips can you offer to others?

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